Sales Rules for Windows and Windows CE


Recommended Retail Prices (VAT incl.):

PLN 179 - AutoMapa Poland 
PLN 329 – AutoMapa Europe

Users who already have AutoMapa, but whose subscription expired more than 24 months ago can buy a new licence for a lower price.

PLN 139 – AutoMapa Poland
PLN 259 – AutoMapa Europe

In the case of PND (Portable Navigation Device) bundled offers, AutoMapa is usually preregistered and ready to use directly after inserting the memory card to the device.

If the device has access to the Internet, AutoMapa may ask for the licence number on first launch, in order to register the copy.

In the case of OEM bundles with AutoMapa being preregistered and ready to use upon purchase, the subscription period runs for 12 months from the date of purchase. If there is any doubt as to the expiry date, please contact us.

Licence number

Depending on how you purchased AutoMapa, the sticker with the 10-character licence number should be on the memory card blister or on the attached licence card.

Upon registering AutoMapa, the licence number is additionally stored in a text file “AutoMapa.lic” in AutoMapa EU/Maps/[map folder].

Regardless of the purchase method, the licence number should be kept at a safe place, as it is required for licence validation, map registration, and to download app and map updates. It also enables using additional services, such as

What does the licence entitle me to?

The licence allows you to use the AutoMapa app without any time constraints on any device running the Windows or Windows CE OS. You are entitled to use the app and map versions you received upon purchase. In order to update the app and the map to a newer version, you need to have an active subscription.

What is a subscription?

A subscription entitles you to download map and app updates. If on the blister or packaging in which your map came it is not specified otherwise, each licence is accompanied with a 12 month subscription. When the subscription expires, you can still use the last downloaded app and map version. However, you cannot download newer updates any more. In order to have continued access to updates, you need to buy a new subscription (for a new period).

How does a subscription work?

When you buy a new subscription, you can download and install updates to the AutoMapa app and the navigation maps for the next 12 months, starting on the expiry day of the previous subscription. Please note that the subscription extension runs from the expiry day of the previous one, and not from the date of purchase. However, if the validity of the subscription or upgrade would be less than 1 month, it will be automatically extended for 1 month from the date of purchase.

If more than 24 months passed from subscription expiry, the subscription cannot be extended.

For licences with a subscription that expired more than 24 months ago, it is possible to buy a new licence at a lower price (one-off offer):
PLN 139 – AutoMapa Poland
PLN 259 – AutoMapa Europe

Example: On April 15, 2008, John Smith bought a Nokia 500 with AutoMapa 4.0 preinstalled, with maps from April 2008. This license was accompanied by a standard 12 month subscription, so it expired on April 15, 2009. This was the last day John when could update the app and the maps. He has used this possibility and just before subscription expiry, he downloaded the latest map and app available at that time. Four months later, on August 15, 2009, John decided to buy subscription extension for additional 12 months. Because the new subscription runs from the expiry day of the previous one, after the purchase he has a valid subscription until April 15, 2010.  (The expiry date of the previous subscription, i.e. April 15, 2009, plus 12 months.) If after this day John will not extend his subscription, he will not be able to download new map and app versions published after April 15, 2010. However, he will be able to use the version published before April 15, 2010 without any time constraints.


If you purchased AutoMapa in a bundle with a device (with the app preinstalled on a memory card), the installation on the device will take place automatically after inserting the memory card into the device for the first time.


It is necessary to register the map before first use. Registration assigns the map to a specific device or memory card, so it will only work on the same device (memory card) afterwards.

If you buy AutoMapa bundled with a PND (Portable Navigation Device), the app is usually preinstalled and preregistered for the memory card included in the bundle. In such an event, you only need to insert the memory card to the navigation device, and the app should be ready to use shortly, without the need to register it manually.

If the map has not been preregistered, you need to register it manually.
If the navigation device is equipped with a data transfer module, then AutoMapa will automatically suggest registration after the first launch of the app. If the user allows it, the app will connect to the Internet and communicate with the AutoMapa registration server.

If your navigation device is not equipped with a data transfer module, registration requires using a PC with a built-in memory card reader, or an ActiveSync connection between the PC and the navigation device.

You can check the licence subscription expiry date (that is the last day, when you can download map and app updates free of charge) at the dedicated website.

In order to check the expiry date, you will need to provide the licence number and the e-mail address you used for registration.

Important!If AutoMapa has been purchased bundled with a navigation device, and the app has been preregistered by the device’s manufacturer, then the registration e-mail address can be checked in the AutoMapa app by choosing:
Menu/ Help & Info/ About.

If you have any doubts about the licence expiry date, please contact tech support.

The e-mail address used for licence registration can be changed when registering a newer version of the map, or when you need to re-register the existing map version. To this end, you simply need to provide the new e-mail in the map registration form.

Licence transfer

If you need to transfer the AutoMapa licence to a different device, please send an e-mail to, providing the licence number and a short description of your request. In justified cases, we will allow the licence transfer (for instance when you need to replace a damaged device). Once every 6 months, the licence can be transferred to a different device without justification, provided that the app is removed from the old device. You cannot transfer the licence between different OS platforms (iOS/Android/Windows).  


AutoMapa updates are available only to registered users at: Access to updates is free for a year since registration. After that, you can buy a subscription for a year or two years of map updates. The updates are published at least 4 times a calendar year. If a licence is not registered within 1 year, it expires.