AutoMapa's unique features!


Best maps on the market

AutoMapa unquestionably provides the best maps on the market, which are accessible offline and updated online with traffic data in real time. It also uses data on dangerous places prepared in cooperation with the Police and Krzysztof Hołowczyc’s “Safe Driver” Foundation, as well information on nearly 30,000 railway crossings developed in cooperation with Polish State Railways (PKP) and forest area data developed for the purposes and in accordance with the details concerning State Forests.

Our maps are prepared on the basis of our proprietary data, which is much more detailed compared to other solutions on the market. As they do not need the Internet access to work, they are robust and reliable in any conditions. During travel users have access to many useful functions, such as the AutoRadar system, information about traffic jams or the lane assistant, which works both in the cities and on routes.

  • the maps’ accuracy is up to 1 metre
  • they include 678,000 roads of all categories in Poland
  • they cover 100% of residential areas
  • they include all cities, towns and villages
  • they include over 3.1 million shapes of buildings
  • over 7.1 million address locations
  • over 800,000 Points of Interest in Poland and millions in Europe


Data reliability

The reliability of our data is generally recognized on the market.

AutoMapa is used by state institutions as part of an agreement covering emergency and crisis management services.

The users of AutoMapa include:

  • Police (in vehicles and localization systems, address search engine (due to best coverage and quality of data)),
  • Fire Service (in the SMOK system; implemented in all Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service),
  • Emergency Ambulance Service (for optimal specification of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), choosing the police car/ambulance for a specific incident (drive-time zones)),
  • Municipal Services

AutoMapa is also the most popular choice among TAXI drivers and couriers, as well as a point of reference during media tests of navigational applications.


LiveDrive! - Now you can know everything about traffic jams!

Thanks to LiveDrive!, users have access to up-to-date information concerning traffic. Data is accessible both in real time (using the Internet and the IP Traffic technology) and (in case of older devices) on the basis of statistical data, which is also accessible offline. We have multiple sources of traffic data: users, fleets, monitoring, etc. This allows us to precisely identify the actual situation on the roads. Thanks to LiveDrive! it is also possible to react to the changes in the traffic situation as they arise.

AutoMapa provides information on the changes to the open and closed streets, as well as temporarily change their traffic direction. The newly opened sections of roads are added in real time, while the operators monitor the situation 24 hours a day.

AutoMapa will help you avoid traffic jams and always reach your destination on time.



AutoRadar. Share information with others

AutoRadar is a tool for drivers used for sharing of traffic information. Who likes speeding tickets, right?

With AutoRadar, the users of AutoMapa can share such information as locations of traffic safety check points or where one should slow down to avoid speeding tickets, as well as notify others about accidents and speed cameras.


Free updates and complete privacy

Each AutoMapa user is provided with a free access to many updates.

The maps are updated at least 6 times each calendar year, are free and take into account both current and planned changes in the road infrastructure.

Our users’ privacy is very important to us. Hence, the traffic data is completely anonymous. We do not store information about the user’s location and other sensitive data. We also do not connect any personal information with traffic data.


For both professionals and non-professionals

Each AutoMapa user can choose from 8 types of routes that take into account not only the traffic intensity, but also the driver’s predispositions and his or her skills. AutoMapa includes specialist data for TIR truck drivers (tonnage, flyover and tunnel heights, etc.). It is also adapted to the traffic in Poland, thus allowing to travel through multiple intermediate points.

A special feature of AutoMapa are Points of Interest (POI): over 800,000 in Poland and millions in Europe. The database is updated every day by the service and by the users. In addition, all data is subject to verification and moderation to ensure that it is up-to-date.


Plan the route on the Internet

Each AutoMapa users can comfortably plan the journey in the Targeo.plservice, on the PC large screen, and then load such a route to the GPS device with AutoMapa. In Targeo you can use many additional services, and even see how much the roads are jammed. 
Check it out: