AutoMapa Poland

Contents of navigation maps (1902 map)

 nominal accuracy of maps in the largest cities  [m] 1
 accuracy outside the largest cities  [m] 5-12
 roads of all categories  [km] 727 094
 network density of roads leading to residential areas  % 100%
 unpaved roads  [km] 401 473
 highways (inclusive of both carriageways and junctions)  [km] 3 276
 locations (inclusive of towns and cities) item 116 467
 navigation plans of locations, towns and cities  item 79 175
 percentage of population covered by navigation plans of locations  % 88%
 navigation plans of towns and cities  item 940
 percentage of urban population covered by navigation plans  % 100%
 locations, towns and cities with building contours and their point addresses  item 53 010
 percentage of population covered by the database of exact point addresses  % 96%
 towns and cities with building contours and point addresses  item 940
 percentage of urban population covered by exact point addresses   % 100%
 towns and cities with a full set of street names   item 8 939
 locations with 3D buildings (including height)  item 84 228
 towns and cities with 3D buildings (including height)  item 787
 towns and cities with approximate address ranges  item -
 percentage of population covered by approximate address ranges  % -
 building contours (2D and 3D)  item 9 792 451
 building contours (3D)  item 9 154 398
 addresses of respective buildings (exact point addresses)  item 7 994 296
 developed areas  item 286 830
 public buildings and industrial areas  item 57 998
 points of interest (POI)  item 1 050 260
 lakes  item 62 228
 rivers and watercourses (channels, etc.)  [km] 137 116
 forests  item 158 347
 railway lines  [km] 29 900
 railway crossings (warning!)  item 13 835
 traffic lights  item        24 934

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