AutoMapa Traffic


AutoMapa Traffic is an innovative approach to the way in which routes are calculated, taking into account the traffic information. Extensive database of both historical and current situation on the roads makes AutoMapa Traffic know precisely what speed is permitted at the moment, where to drive to avoid obstacles, jams and road repairs. Thanks to AutoMapa Traffic the driver receives accurate information on the arrival time, at the same time resting assured that the driving time will be as short as possible.

AutoMapa Traffic Technologies

AutoMapa Traffic system comprises three unique powerful weapons helping to fight traffic jams:


LiveDrive! technology used in AutoMapa Traffic system is an innovative approach to feeding navigation with data about street traffic jams and obstacles. When the navigation device is connected via the Internet with the AutoMapa Traffic server, the AutoMapa users obtain data about current road situation in real time. As soon as AutoMapa realises there is a traffic jam forming on the route, intelligent LiveDrive! solutions will analyse the situation and calculate if it is better to find alternative routes or just wait for a while until the jam gets resolved. Thanks to intelligent LiveDrive! technology AutoMapa is fed with up-to-date information about current road works. It means that, when travelling with AutoMapa, one will efficiently avoid closed and renovated road sections. The innovative LiveDrive! technology includes the possibility to remotely update the database of speed limits in AutoMapa. It allows even more precise estimation of time of arrival in view of the constantly changing city traffic.


Unique SmartRoutes technology utilises the experience of other road users, who drive along 4 million km of Polish roads every day. It creates a picture of road situation in the cities and in the country. Thanks to such a solution, all users can have access not only to current road situation information on-line, but also to forecast how the road situation develops depending on the time and day of the week. It is worth noticing that no additional device is necessary to utilize SmartRoutes technology. All the functions necessary to use statistical data comprise an integral part of AutoMapa!

Traffic visualisation

AutoMapa, as the only navigation system on the market, can display the visualisation of congestion level on individual streets in real time on the system screen. Consequently, AutoMapa users know in advance how the traffic density around them changes, and can see how swiftly AutoMapa avoids traffic jams and congestions. As soon as new traffic status information is downloaded from the AutoMapa Traffic server, just a glance on the screen is enough to see if the new data bring information about new jams in the city, or whether the situation improves and the ETA gets shorter.

We know traffic jams like the backs of our hands

Road situation changes dynamically. Crashes, accidents or road repair works affect the traffic flow and cause traffic jams - an everyday horror for the drivers. AutoMapa Traffic is an intelligent system. It considers the characteristics of road traffic in Polish cities. It understands that the road traffic in city centers is different on Monday mornings and in Friday afternoons. It can tell weekdays from holidays and knows that on days before holidays the traffic is more dense. With each subsequent day and hour of its operation, the system gets to know more not only about road statistics, but also on current road situation. It collects traffic density data from around a dozen independent sources on an ongoing basis. An important part of those data is information submitted anonymously online by AutoMapa users. The database created in such a way allows to forecast changes that occur when driving. An example: if we calculate a route that leads at a given time through the city centre, where traffic jams are to be expected, then AutoMapa Traffic will consider them automatically and calculate a route affected by them as little as possible. If the user has a navigation device connected with the Internet, then AutoMapa will receive information on road situation changes in real time when driving. The program automatically recalculates the road to introduce any necessary changes.

Always on time

AutoMapa Traffic has real advantage over other navigation systems. Thanks to detailed information about traffic density, it allows to calculate the ETA more precisely. This is a function of major importance for the punctuality-concerned. Often, particularly in cities, traffic jams form in the places of accidents, where it is impossible to detour them. Every AutoMapa Traffic user will appreciate the possibility to inform the friends or co-workers about the anticipated delay. The largest Polish cities have the largest traffic jams as well – long time of arrival is a nightmare for most of the drivers. During rush hours, the main and approach streets in the cities turn into one giant jam. While it may not be possible to avoid all the traffic jams, AutoMapa Traffic is certainly a great option if one wants to select the fastest route. Using AutoMapa in an unknown city, the driver will be able to drive as seamlessly as the citizen or a professional driver.

AutoMapa Traffic and TMC

AutoMapa Traffic operation is based on the newest world standards of route mapping. The system considers road traffic information and focuses on the shortest time to destination possible. As opposed to TMC system, AutoMapa Traffic has information about traffic not only on selected main roads, but also in cities, towns and on local roads. Using the TMC requires additional, high charge, whereas AutoMapa Traffic does not. The user just has to hold the valid subscription for AutoMapa maps and program upgrades. Traffic jams are often inevitable in a crowded city. That is why AutoMapa selects the route that allows the driver to waste much less time in the jams. In comparison, TMC, due to its structure, only broadcasts information about a small number of jams on the main roads. As a result, when TMC users want to avoid obstacles announced by the TMC, they might waste even more time because some obstructions are not covered by the system. Navigation industry experts estimate that, in the course of several years to come, on-line information systems will become the road traffic essential information source, causing obsolete systems, such as TMC, to extinct.

Peaceful road an peace of mind

A really important AutoMapa Traffic advantage is giving the driver piece of mind. When we face a jam, we don't know if it means 10 minutes or an hour of delay. We get frustrated, that is normal. Then we try to evade the problem by chaotic manoeuvres and detours. With AutoMapa Traffic the driver knows from the very start that the system has selected the quickest route available at the moment, so even if there is a traffic jam, there is no better route. The driver knows also the estimated arrival time. If the road situation changes, a new route will be automatically calculated. The relaxed driver plans his or her time better, noticing the others of the possible delay. Even during rush hours in an unknown city, the AutoMapa users will reach the destination faster than others, and will be driving as quickly and smoothly as if they lived there for years.