Hardware requirements


A device compliant with one of the following specifications:

Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE .NET 5.0/6.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (*)

(*) - AutoMapa does not support an embedded GPS sensor available on some of the devices using Windows 8. 


Any GPS receiver supporting NMEA0183 standard and communicating with the device via a COM port.

Examples of hardware compliance (tested):

Below you will find a list of models which have been positively verified for correct operation of AutoMapa.

AutoMapa manufacturers can guarantee the correct operation of the current and future versions of the software solely on the devices with current AutoMapa certification. When selecting a different device, we suggest that you contact its manufacturer or supplier prior to the purchase, and inquire about their plans of obtaining a certificate of compliance with AutoMapa.

The drawing presents only sample models.


Devices supporting LiveDrive! The ones with the SIM card slot.

HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond 2, Touch HD, Touch HD2
NavRoad Duxo

Devices supporting LiveDrive! The ones which use Bluetooth DUN.

   Aristo VOYAGER S500I
   Alga AS_6005 BT HD
AudioMedia AMG 5.0 SL, AMG 7.0 SL
BLOW CAR SYSTEM 43FBT, 43YBT, 50YBT, 500 Sirocco, 50rBT, 62YBT, 70iBT, 700 Sirocco, 580 Sirocco, 580 DVR, 590 Sirocco, 700 Sirocco, 720 Sirocco
GoClever Navio 500 PLUS, 5066 FMBT
ModeCom Freeway MX2, Freeway MX2 HD, Freeway MX3, Freeway MX3 HD, SX 7.1
NavRoad LEEO, Vivo Plus,  Auro, Reco, Auro S, Auro 2S, Vivo S/ST, LEEO S/ST, Auro S6, Vivo S6,  LEEO S6, Reco 2
Wayteq 960BT

Devices that use SmartRoutes without LiveDrive!

Audiomedia Nav108E, AMG 5.0
BLOW CAR SYSTEM 43A, 43V, 43RBT, 43VBT, 50V v. II, 730 Sirocco
Becker Active 43 Talk, Active 50, Ready 43, Ready 45, Ready 50, Active.5 CE LMU, Active.5 LMU plus, Professional.6 LMU
Blaupunkt NewYork 800, NewYork 830
Cruser Alpha A50, Alpha B50, Sigma A50, Sigma B43, Sigma B50
Mio Spirit 7500
ModeCom Freeway MX4, Freeway SX, Freeway SX2, Freeway SX7, Freeway MX4 HD
NavRoad NR 270VW, NR320BM Moto, Moto 2, NR780H Hugo, Q1, Vivo, Enovo S, DRIVE, Enovo S6, X5
Prestigio GeoVision 5066, GeoVision 5067, GeoVision 5068, GeoVision 5069
RiderGPS Classic 5.0, Classic 5.1
Smart GPS SG601, 710
TGate TG511
Wayteq 850

Devices withdrawn from the market by manufacturers and devices that do not have a current certificate of compliance with AutoMapa:

Aristo Voyager S515HD, S430, M700, Voyager X500, X800
Altina A660, A800
Asus P320, P535, P526, P527, P552, P552w, P565, P750
Becker Z098, Z100, Z102, Z108, Z112, Z116, Z201, Z203
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 200, TravelPilot 300, TravelPilot 500
BLOW CAR SYSTEM 35R, 35V, 35VII, 35R, 50iBT
Clarion Clarion Map 770, Map 780, Map 790, NX502e
Cruser alpha 4.net
Eten G500, G500+, X500
GoClever 5040
HTC Wizard, Universal, P3300 (SPV 650 w sieci Orange), HTC Touch 3G
Macrom M-DVD5562R
Navigon 40 Easy, 70 Plus
NavMan Canada, F25
NavRoad NR350, NR360, NR410, NR430BT, NR450, NR460, NR460BT, NR470, NR560BF, NR730F, NR750F
Nokia 330/PD-12, 500/PD-14
PEIYING 3501, 4301BT, 4303, 5004BT, 9904
PENTAGRAM Nomad EVO, Nomad P 5210, Nomad GT P 5220
QTEK 9000, 9100
Rider Classic
Samsung i780, Omnia (i900)
Smailo HD43i, HD50i, HD 5.0 Photo
SmartGPS Rider Alfa
Syngio Beta, Beta Limited Ediszyn
Trak 430, 515, 520, 530, 550, 640
Zubehor Z5