Press release

The sixth map update in 2016!


New cities, new road sections, and an extensive update of the address database. For the sixth time this year AutoMapa has released an update of the maps of Poland and Europe!

The users of AutoMapa received another update of the maps of Poland and Europe this year — this update provides the most precise picture of the road network at the end of 2016. Following the administrative changes that were introduced on 1st January 2017, the urban status was assigned to Mielno, Morawica, Opatówek, and Rejowiec. Hence, they were added to the list of cities with full navigation plans.

At the end of each year, road works are intensified. With the current maps, AutoMapa helps its users navigate e.g. the newly build road sections between Wejherowo and Gościcin through Zybertowo and the bridge at Al. Rodła in Malbork, which is now a two-lane road. Based on LiveDrive! Technology, the following roads are ready for opening:

  • Route S51 — Olsztynek–Olsztyn
  • Route S7 — sections: Miłomłyn–Ostróda, Ostróda–Olsztynek, and Nidzica–Napierki
  • The ring road of Wieluń.
  • The extension of Muzyczna street in Lublin
  • The bridge on Bystrzyca

The current update also involved a thorough verification and update of addresses in municipalities in the following voivodeships: Opolskie, Silesian, and Masovian.

At the end of 2016, the AutoMapa data included:

  • 678 858 km of roads of all categories
  • 79 160 navigational plans of towns and cities
  • 7 159 225 address points assigned to individual buildings
  • 814 236 points of interest
  • 100% of a road network to places of residence