Press release

Polish drivers get the most recent maps in Europe!


More than 7.3 mln address points, updated administrative divisions, and new road sections. AutoMapa presents the latest map of Poland and Europe.

Users of AutoMapa have just received the most recent maps of Poland and Europe developed at the end of February 2017. As a result Polish drivers gained access to the latest road map in Europe. Each update of the maps adds information on newly built road sections, as well as those that were approved for use. Such status has been just assigned to route S8 — Zambrów–Rutki-Kossaki, which is taken into account when planning the routes.

Traditionally, when new roads are put into use, the users of AutoMapa gain access to them. In the new maps, the “ready for use” status was assigned to the following routes (among others) through the LiveDrive! Technology: S7 — Radom–border of the Masovian voivodeship; S3 — Sulechów–Zielona Góra; S19 — Sokołów Małopolski–Stobierna

Map updates involve more than simply adding new roads or changing existing road plans. They also mean fast reaction to new administrative divisions affecting address databases. At the beginning of 2017, following the decision on the expansion of Opole, the borders of the city now include 12 villages or their parts that were previously located in 4 neighbouring municipalities. This change required the introduction of new street names and correction of the numbering of many buildings in Opole and in the integrated municipalities. The new maps in AutoMapa include these changes and ensure accurate navigation to each of the new address points.

After the most recent update, the number of address points assigned to individual buildings rose to 7.3 mln, the number of Points of Interest (POI) reached almost 823 000, and the total length of Polish roads exceeded 680 000 km.

The latest maps of Poland and Europe for AutoMapa for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile are available for free download directly from the application. The users of PND devices with Windows CE will find them, along with the updated application, at: