Press release

AutoRadar Europe — safe travel in Europe!


Safe international travel for everybody in Poland. AutoMapa has expanded the range of AutoRadar — a system for exchanging information on police patrols, speed cameras, accidents, and speed control spots — it now covers the whole of Europe!

AutoRadar, available in AutoMapa, is a tool for drivers used for sharing traffic information. With AutoRadar, the users of AutoMapa can share such information as locations of traffic safety check points, or where one should slow down to avoid speeding tickets, as well as notify others about accidents and speed cameras.

AutoMapa offers the largest database of data on speed cameras, speed control spots, and other traffic related information that are useful to drivers. Now, after extending the range of AutoRadar to the whole of Europe, the users of the most popular navigation system in Poland have access to a tool that will enable them to travel safely in 44 countries of the Old Continent.

"- AutoRadar was made available for all countries in Europe in response to the demand from the users of our application. They expected an effective tool for the exchange of traffic information also outside of Poland, which, at the same time, uses data transmission in an efficient way. Hence, as of today, all users of AutoMapa may use the extended functionality of AutoRadar” — says Janusz M. Kamiński, Head of AutoMapa PR & Marketing.

AutoRadar is a part of AutoMapa and is available on Android and iOS platforms. It is also available for users, who do not have an AutoMapa licence — the use of this function is free.