AutoMapa bierze na siebie podwyżki cen w AppStore.


On 24th May, Apple switched the currency for goods offered in AppStore to Polish customers. At the same time, all the amounts were automatically recalculated from EUR to PLN, which has caused an increase in app prices. AutoMapa decided to compensate for this increase and has introduced new, even more attractive prices for AutoMapa on iOS! 

At the end of May, Apple switched the currency in Polish AppStore from EURto PLN The prices were automatically recalculated at the exchange rate reaching at some point even PLN 5 per EUR 1. The developers of AutoMapa decided that the customers should not bear the consequences of this price increase. Therefore, they have introduced new, more attractive prices for timed licences. Not only do these balance the price increase forced by Apple, but also make it easier for potential new users to purchase a licence.

Starting from 25th May, 2017, the prices for AutoMapa on iOS are as fo llows:

Baseline prices for AutoMapa in AppStore in EUR (prior to 24/05/2017)

Prices in AppStore recalculated by Apple with the change of the currency

Prices for AutoMapa in AppStore in PLN
(from 25/05/2017)

AutoMapa Polska

7 days

EUR 2.99

PLN 13.99

PLN 8.99

90 days

EUR 8.99

PLN 42.99

PLN 37.99

366 days

EUR 21.99

PLN 104.99

PLN 89.99

AutoMapa Europe

7 days

EUR 3.99

PLN 18.99

PLN 18.99

90 days

EUR 14.99

PLN 69.99

PLN 59.99

366 days

EUR 35.99

PLN 169.99

PLN 149.99

Other terms and conditions remain unaffected.