WM5/WCE devices

On portable devices (with Windows Mobile 5/Windows CE.NET 5.0 operating system), AutoMapa is installed by default in the [Memory card]AutoMapa EU directory, and maps are installed in the [Memory card]AutoMapa EUMaps directory.
The installation directory always contains two EXE files: AutoMapa EU.exe (responsible for preparing AutoMapa for start) and the actual executable program file (its name is subject to the selected platform type). To optimise program operation, the executable program file is copied from the card to the main memory of the portable device, where it is saved in the "AutoMapa EU" directory (only if the program is installed on the memory card). 
The program which supports the process of waking up the device from stand-by mode and the components of shortcuts on the Today screen are installed in the Windows directory (only for PPC/WM5 platforms). 
The program shortcut is also installed in the Start|Programs menu. 

Recovering the installation after a hard reset of the device

If AutoMapa has been installed on the memory card (refer to the point below), and the device was reset to factory default settings, the user will lose only the shortcut for activating the program in the "Start" menu, the shortcut on the Today screen and the program which supports the process of waking up the device with active AutoMapa. 
To recover the above components, run the installation program and reinstall those components. You do not need to reinstall the program or the maps. 
Note: The "SD AutoStart" component safeguards the user against the above loss, but only if the program has been installed on a memory card.

Locating the program and the maps

The system prefers full program and map installation on a memory card. Alternatively, the program can be installed in device memory, and maps – on the memory card. If the map fragment selected for installation is sufficiently small, and the portable device memory is sufficiently large, the map can also be installed directly in device memory. 
The following guidelines should be observed:
  • In devices with Windows Mobile 5 operating system, the device memory is a built-in flash card. The memory is not formatted after battery discharge, but it is formatted after a hard reset. In some devices, built-in memory may have lower read-out parameters than fast SD cards.
  • In devices with Windows CE.NET operating system, device memory may be formatted after the device is disconnected from the supply source. For this reason, the installer prevents AutoMapa from being installed in the main memory of such a device.
  • The only situation which justifies the installation of the program in the main memory of the device is the installation of map fragments on many memory cards (if the user does not have a single card capable of accommodating the given map set or fragment).