Other directories

After the first start of the program, the following folders: Profiles | Personal | Data Files and | Settings Files, containing, respectively, user data (location of Home and Work points, POI, favourites, last visited, POI categories with warning messages, assigning system functions to keys, etc.) and system settings (GPS, interface, route settings, etc.) will be created in the installation folder. 

"Icons" and "Voices" folders, which contain files whose names correspond to POI categories, can also be created in the installation folder (if not created by the installer):

  • .BMP bitmaps (16x16 pixels with 8-bit colour palette) used as icons for the given POI category (on the map and in selection lists)
  • .WAV files (preferably 22 kHz/8-bit/mono) used as warning messages for the given POI category.

The user can also change the default look of the GPS cursor by creating a subfolder named Images (similar to Icons and Voices folders) in the program folder and copying there the respective prepared bitmaps with the following names:

for 2D mode ->  car2D.bmp
for 3D mode ->  car3D.bmp

Additionally, the user can select separate versions for night mode skins:


The optimal format is 256 colours without RLE compression. The bitmap size is not limited, and the file is displayed in the original size, without any scaling.
White pixels (RGB - 255,255,255) are not displayed and remain transparent. This default "transparent" colour setting can be changed by creating the following file(s) in the Images folder:


with entry:  
crTrans=R G B   

where R, G, B means colour codes, from '0 0 0', i.e. black, to '255 255 255', i.e. white.

The bitmap location on the map can be adjusted vertically by the following entry:

iAltGPSMarkerBottomMargin=X (in the same file),

where X means the vertical shift of the bitmap centre in respect of the bottom margin (0 - on the margin).
Default shift value (no entry) is 24 pixels.