Selection of device

Choose the installation method for Software (choose the device where the program will be installed).
Choose the type of device where the Software program will be installed.
The Removable disk option will update the version of Software installed on the card placed in the reader.
The Portable device (Windows Mobile, Windows CE) option should be selected if the system is to be installed directly on the device synchronised with your PC. The memory card may be placed in the device (slow installation mode) or in an external card reader (installation time will be identical to that in the "Memory card reader" option).
The PC/Tablet PC option should be selected if you want to install Software on the computer where the installation process has been initiated.
Note: Under the license, the program may be installed on one computer only. After the maps have been registered on a PC, you will be unable to activate them again on a portable device – and vice versa.