Selecting map area for installation

The user can decide to install the entire map area or only a section. With the area editor you can select a given map section and perform one of the actions below:

  • Updating the selected area.
    If the map has already been installed, this option enables the user to install the same fragment of the map, e.g. for upgrading.
  • Installing the entire selected area.
    This option installs the entire available map.
  • Installing a previously defined map fragment.
    This option enables the user to read in a previously saved mask (definition of a map fragment) and use the area editor to modify the saved area.
  • Selecting and installing a new map fragment.
    This function activates the area editor, which enables the user to select the map fragment for installation with the use of a mouse. The defined section can be saved as a mask for future use. Map sections are selected as rectangular areas on the map.