Follow-up installation for the Installer and CD/DVD

When installing AutoMapa on a Pocket PC device, first connect the device to your PC and use the Microsoft ActiveSync connection tool (version 4.5 or Sync Center in Vista/7). Your PC should be connected to the Internet (at least during the registration process)

Run the installer downloaded from or place the AutoMapa CD/DVD in your computer's DVD drive. The installer will start automatically. (Otherwise, double click the "My computer" icon, then select the DVD drive icon and choose Setup.exe).

If the device cannot establish connection using ActiveSync, it is possible to install and register on a clean memory card. For this option, use the card reader in the PC.

We recommend that the entire program is installed on an SD card in the following configuration: portable device connected to the PC with a USB cable, the SD card inserted into the card reader in the PC.

Note: Many SD card readers available on the market do not support SDHC cards (in particular built-in readers, e.g. in laptops). Make sure that the card is compatible with the reader. Most cheap external USB readers support 2 and 4 GB SDHC cards.