AutoMapa Windows - previous versions

Product Program version Map edition Required subscr.
AutoMapa Windows PL
6.25.1 1810 2018-10-28 363 MB
AutoMapa Windows EU
6.25.1 1810 2018-10-28 3.62 GB

AutoMapa Windows 6.24:

  • Program stability improvement,
  • Improved quality of route calculation,
  • Fixed problem with POI editing,
  • A change to the search function within a town without giving a street name. After selecting: “show town addresses” the numeration appears
  • Bug fixes and adjustments for devices:
    • BLOW 50V II, BLOW 730 Sirocco,
    • Prestigio GeoVision 5066, Prestigio GeoVision 5067, Prestigio GeoVision 5068, Prestigio GeoVision 5069
    • NavRoad X5
    • DURABOOK R11

Maps 1810 containing:

  • a major update of address database
  • over 2500 new names of waterbodies

New routings and update of traffic organization for routes: 

  • S8 section: Wyszków - Ostrów Mazowiecka
  • S8 section: Ostrów Mazowiecka - Zambrów
  • S7: on the Radom ring road
  • S7 section: Gdańsk-Elbląg
  • S3 section: A4 - Bolków
  • the Księżyn ring road on the DW 678 road
  • the Ogrodniczki bypass on the DW 676 road


Ready to unlock at the moment of actual road commission:

  • the Woźniki ring road on DW789 road

Maps 1808 containing:

Major update of addresses including new streets. Almost 8 million of exact address locations assigned to particular buildings!

Ready to unlock at the moment of actual road commission:

                • S3 expressway in Lower Silesia between A4 highway and Bolków 
                • Wolbrom ring road on the 783 road
                • Radomyśl Wielki ring road on the 984 road
                • Gdów ring road (II stage) on the 966 road
                • Księżyno ring road (in Podlasie) on the DW 678 road
                • Brodowice i Nieszczyce ring road on the DW 323 road
                • Radom ring road
                • small Płazowo ring road on the DW 240 road
                • DW 676 road in Nowodworce (Podlasie)
                • Stolno-Wąbrzeżno DW 548 road

And also: 
                • Updated routing of Ciołkowskiego street from Mickiewicza street to Sulika street in Białystok
                • Updated routing of S7 expressway on the Chęciny (from the roundabout on the DW 763 road)–Brzegi road junction section


Maps 1806 feature:

  • Over 720 thousand km of various roads of all categories
  • Almost 8 million address points assigned to individual buildings
  • Major update of chainage markers on express roads, ring roads and new road sections
  • Updated routing of the DW 869 road by the Rzeszów Airport in Jasionka
  • Gdańsk — renovated Podwale Przedmiejskie: new tunnel road with railway under the new Forum Gdańsk shopping centre. Updated routing of the reconstructed 3 Maja street and added transfer hub on the Armia Krajowa flyovers.
  • Roads ready to unlock in AutoMapa at the moment of their opening:
    • S7 route: Koszwały–Kazimierzowo,
    • II and III stage of the Płock ring road,
    • III stage of the Kołobrzeg ring road,
    • II stage of the Skawina ring road,
    • the Wicko ring road (including Charbrowo and Białogarda) on the DW 214 road, Łeba–Białogarda section,
    • Barlinek–City Centre Ring Road,
    • the Myszków ring road on the DW 791 road,
    • the Oleszyce and Cieszanów ring road on the 865 road,
    • the Babice and Wygiełzów ring road on the 780 road,
    • Niepodległości avenue in Białystok,
    • Elbląg: flyover on Zatorze, on the Lotnicza street.

Maps 1804 containing:

  • Over 150 thousand of new address locations assigned to particular buildings
  • Over 8.4 thousand of new roads, including over 7 thousand roads of the lowest category
  • Roads ready to be unlocked in AutoMapa at the moment of actual commission of a road section:
    • S8 section: Wyszków - Ostrów Mazowiecka
    • ring road of Miechów on the road No. 783
    • ring road of Dynów on the road No. 835
    • southern ring road of Bolesławiec

Maps 1802 containing:

  • over 708 thousand km of various roads of all categories
  • over 7.7 million of address locations assigned to particular buildings
  • over 12 thousand km of new access roads to address locations
  • major update for trucks
  • over 1,700 new areas of interest and industrial areas
  • major update of waterbodies

    Ready to unlock through LiveDrive! at the moment of actual road commission:
  • bypass of Wałcz
  • bypass of Olsztyn
  • route S8: section Paszków-Radziejowice
  • road junction in Poronin
  • rtm. Witold Pilecki street in Kielce

Version 1712 maps that includes:

  • new street names in Warsaw and other Polish cities, introduced in connection with the Decommunization Act
  • new address points created in Q3 2017
  • administrative changes that will go live on 1 January 2018, covering, among others, 8 new towns (Chelmiec, Józefów nad Wisla, Lagów, Otyn, Radoszyce, Sanniki, Tulowice, Wiślica)
  • 7 thousand km of dirt roads for addresses distant from the current road network
  • new access roads for addresses distant from the current road network
  • Ready to be unlocked at the moment of roads being put to use:
    • continuation of Aleja Bohaterów Monte Cassino on 908 road in Czestochowa.
    • S5 route in Dolnoslaskie province, section Prusice-Wroclaw

Version 1710 maps that includes:

✓ Extensive update of address locations database (currently over 7.6 million addresses)
✓ Updated traffic schemes in 15 towns in Kujawsko-Pomorskie province
✓ Opened roads:
    - S7: Jędrzejów — border of Małopolskie province
    - S8: Zambrów — border of Mazowieckie province

✓ Following road sections prepared for opening in maps after their actual opening:
    - S3 section: border of Dolnośląskie province — Bolków
    - S8 section: Mężenin–Jeżewo
    - S12 section: connection of S17 expressway with bridge crossing at the Vistula River in Puławy.
    - Northeastern bypass of Oświęcim
    - Bypass of Suwałki — first stage
    - Bypass of Kłodzko
    - Bypass of Leśnica
    - Continuation of the Bohaterów Monte Cassino street in Lublin

New v.1708 maps that include:

  • New routings of roads under reconstruction:
    • Bydgoszcz: Matki Teresy z Kalkuty, Trybowskiego, Jasiniecka
    • Torun: Polna from Szosa Chelminska to Szosa Okrezna, Lódzka from Lipnowska to Zdrojowa
  • Ready to unlock in real time at the time of their opening:
    •  southern ring road of Ostróda
    • ring road of Cedry Male
    • ring road of Skala (part of DW794)
    • ring road of Czarnowasy in Opole
    • ring road of Klodzko, section DK46–DK33
    • route S7, section Nowy Dwór Gdanski–Koszwaly

AutoMapa Windows 6.24:

  • Program stability improvement,
  • Improved quality of route calculation,
  • Fixed problem with POI editing,
  • A change to the search function within a town without giving a street name. After selecting: “show town addresses” the numeration appears
  • Bug fixes and adjustments for devices:
    • BLOW 50V II, BLOW 730 Sirocco,
    • Prestigio GeoVision 5066, Prestigio GeoVision 5067, Prestigio GeoVision 5068, Prestigio GeoVision 5069
    • NavRoad X5
    • DURABOOK R11

Maps 1706:

  • Thorough update of chainage markers on national roads
  • Update of 3D buildings for Ząbki (Mazowieckie Province)
  • Road sections ready to be unlocked with LiveDrive! in real time at the time of their opening:
    • ring-road of Kościerzyna
    • ring-road of Nysa
    • ring-road of Inowrocław
    • ring-road of Jarocin (part of DK11)
    • IV stage of Northern Ring-Road of Jaworzno
    • S7 section in Cracow

AutoMapa Windows 6.23:

  • Program stability improvement
  • Improved quality of route calculation
  • GPS support for Windows 10 tablets

Version 1704 maps that include:

  • Thorough update of routes for trucks that includes axle load limits and total gross vehicle weight limits on national and provincial roads
  • Update of 3D buildings in Warsaw
  • newly built road sections ready to be unlocked by the LiveDrive technology, including: 
    • ring roads of Ostrów Wielkopolski and Jarocin as part od the S11 route
    • Świlcza – Rzeszów Południe section of S19 expressway

Version 1702 maps that include:

  • Update of addresses in more than 450 communes in Poland
  • Updates to street names and building numbers in Opole due to changed city boundary
  • New section of S8 route from Zambrów to Rutki-Kossaki
  • Roads ready for implementation in LiveDrive!:

    • Section of S7 route from Radom to the Masovian Voivodeship border
    • Section of S3 route from Sulechów to Zielona Góra
    • Section of S19 route from Sokołów Małopolski to Stobierna

AutoMapa Windows 6.22:

  • Update to the address, postcode, and street search algorithm based on the current administration data
  • Accurate information on administrative affiliation of points of interest on the map
  • More accurate location details on the bottom bar
  • Exact search can now be enabled
  • Adjustments and corrections for Blow 580 DVR, 580 Sirocco, 590 Sirocco, 700 Sirocco, 720 Sirocco, Modecom SX 7.0, Modecom SX 7.1
  • Program stability improvement
  • GPS track tail is displayed when GPS track recording is enabled.

1612 maps that include:

  • Administrative changes that will go live on 01/01/2017: 
    • New cities: Mielno, Morawica, Opatówek, Rejowiec
  • Address updates for communes Opole, Silesian, and Masovian Voivodeships
  • Newly opened road sections, including:
    • The bridge on al. Rodła in Malbork — the road was widened into a 2-lane street
    • The road connecting Wejherowo and Gościcino (through Zybertowo)
  • Roads that are ready for use in LiveDrive!:
    • S51 Olsztynek-Olsztyn express way
    • S7 sections: Milomłyn-Ostróda, Ostróda-Olsztynek, and Nidzica-Napierki
    • Wieluń ring road
    • Extension of Muzyczna street in Lublin
    • Bridge on the Bystrzyca river

AutoMapa Windows 6.21:

  • Route calculation improvements

1610 maps that include:

  • New location of Nieboczowy village.
  • Update of traffic organization of the following numbered roads:
    • DK 78 (from the border to DK 94 and from DK 1 to Zawiercie)
    • DK 94 (from the crossing with DK 78 to Dąbrowa Górnicza)
    • DK 88 (from the crossing with DK 78 to the crossing with DK 94)
    • DK 79 (from the crossing with DK 94 to the crossing with DK 86)
    • DK 88 (from DK 1 Pyrzowice to the crossing with DK 1 in Tychy)
    • section of DK 11
    • section of S 86
  • Update of addresses in selected communes of Silesia province.
  • Gniezno ring road ready for use, continuation of S5 to Mielno.
  • Updated speed limits for: DK 11 from Ostrów Wielkopolski to Poznań and DK 12 from Sieradz to Kalisz.
  • New roads and traffic scheme around Volkswagen factory near Września.
  • Updated routing of DW 874 and 878 through the provinces of Lublin and Podkarpackie.
  • Reconstructed Gdyńska street in Poznań ready for traffic restoration.

1608 maps that include:

  • A thorough update of national road chainage, including, among others, a newly opened road sections and ring roads
  • Speed limit update on DK92 Poznań–Warszawa road
  • Updated address database for Rybnik

Newly opened road sections, including:

  • A new fragment of North Brodnica Ring Road on DK15
  • A new section of N-S Route in Ruda Śląska
  • ul. Młodzianowska in Radom
  • A ring road of Bełchatow prepared for opening via LiveDrive technology!

1606 maps that include:

  • Update of postcode database for the territory of Poland
  • Update of traffic organization on the following roads:
    • DK38,
    • DK40 (Pyskowice - Kędzierzyn-Koźle),
    • DK69, 
    • DK94 (Dąbrowa Górnicza - Olkusz),
    • DK1 (Dąbrowa Górnicza - Skoczów,
    • DK81 (Skoczów - Pawłowice),
    • DW930,
    • DW929,
    • DW925 (Rybnik - A4),
    • DK 74 (Piotrków Trybunalski - Wieluń),
    • DK45/42 (Wieluń - Kluczbork),
    • DK8 (Warszawa - Piotrków Trybunalski),
    • DK7 (Kraków - Warszawa),
    • DK11 (Lubliniec - Częstochowa),
    • DW791(DK1 - Zawiercie),
    • DW796 (Zawiercie - Dąbrowa Górnicza)

  • Pawłowice ring road prepared for unblocking via LiveDrive! technology
  • Update of buildings in central and southern part of Warsaw

AutoMapa Windows 6.20:

  • Bug fix for Internal inconsistency of data during the calculation of routes
    on older devices
  • Adjustments for Blow 50V

1606 maps that include:

  • Update of postcode database for the territory of Poland
  • Update of traffic organization on the following roads:
    • DK38,
    • DK40 (Pyskowice - Kędzierzyn-Koźle),
    • DK69, 
    • DK94 (Dąbrowa Górnicza - Olkusz),
    • DK1 (Dąbrowa Górnicza - Skoczów,
    • DK81 (Skoczów - Pawłowice),
    • DW930,
    • DW929,
    • DW925 (Rybnik - A4),
    • DK 74 (Piotrków Trybunalski - Wieluń),
    • DK45/42 (Wieluń - Kluczbork),
    • DK8 (Warszawa - Piotrków Trybunalski),
    • DK7 (Kraków - Warszawa),
    • DK11 (Lubliniec - Częstochowa),
    • DW791(DK1 - Zawiercie),
    • DW796 (Zawiercie - Dąbrowa Górnicza)

AutoMapa Windows 6.19

  • Adapted for Mio Spirit 7500 devices
  • High resolution POI icons
  • Express installation mode

Version 1604 maps that include:

  • Changes in the area of Cracow
    • Totus Tuus street in Cracow
    • parking lots near the John Paul II Sanctuary in Cracow
    • Balice — expansion of parking lots near the airport
    • Brzegi pod Wieliczką — service roads on the Campus Misericordiae
  • Changes in the area of Gdańsk
    • Updated traffic scheme with lane assistant after the reconstruction of the Rakoczego and Bulońska streets
    • Updated traffic scheme for the 227 provincial road (Pruszcz Gdański–Cedry Małe), the 226 provincial road (Pruszcz Gdański–Przejazdowo), and the 89 national road.
  • Updated traffic scheme for the 7 national road in the Warsaw-Gdańsk section with sections under reconstruction in connection with the construction of the S7 route
  • Unlockable with LiveDrive!:
    • Western ring-road of Lublin
    • Planned western ring-road of Czyżówka

Version 1602 Maps:

  • Update of maps for operation with the use of the "AutoRadar" function
  • Update of traffic schemes for 14 thousand cities and towns
  • Significant update of address locations in Poland
  • Update to ensure compliance of street names with the current glossary published by the Central Statistical Office of Poland
  • Updated routing of provincial roads in the province of Wielkopolskie
  • The Stryków - Tuszyn section is ready to be unlocked by the LiveDrive! technology


Version 1512 maps that include:

  • A new section of Intercity Road Route in Gliwice (DW 902)
  • Released Western Ring of Słupsk on DK 21 (so called Ring Miejski)
  • Updated routing of many national and provincial roads (DK 61 and DW 801 in Warszawa, DW627 in Kosowo Lackie, DK21, DK11, and many more)
  • DK 79 in Jaworzno upgraded to dual carriageway
  • New cities: Lubycza Królewska, Siedliszcze, Urzędów, created from changes in administrative practices in force from 1 January 2016
  • Update of address locations in Kraków
  • Significant update of address codes in Poland

Version 1510 maps that include:

  • available for traffic: Łazienkowski Bridge in Warsaw and the cross-city road in Toruń
  • update for the re-built W-Z route in Łódź
  • new traffic schemes in Radom, Kielce, Jaktorów, and on the S8 route: Opacz - Paszków
  • update of the 3D buildings in Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, and Kraków
  • new road sections ready to be unlocked with LiveDrive!: sections of Nowolazurowa and Wołoska streets in Warsaw

AutoMapa Windows 6.18 1509

Maps v. 1509 include:

  • Over 7 million address locations assigned to buildings
  • New traffic scheme for Toruń and North Intercity Road Route
  • Over 2000 km of new roads, including:
    • Darłów ring road
    • Gliwice Intercity Road (G2) (from Kujawska street to the west)
    • Gorlice ring road
    • Western ring road of Słupsk

AutoMapa Windows 6.18 1506

  • Adjustments and corrections for Modecom MX4, MX4 HD, SX7, and TGate TG511 devices
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

Version 1506 maps that include:

  • over 6,000 newly added or updated Polish street names
  • new ring roads, including ring roads ready to be unlocked via LiveDrive!:    
    • near Sroków (new routing DW 650)
    • near Nowy Sącz (Northern section)
    • near Jeziory
    • near Drezdenko (first stage)
    • near Mokrzyska (North-Western exit from the motorway)
  • added traffic scheme in dozens of rural communes
  • new and supplemented tourist descriptions of towns


AutoMapa Windows 6.17a 1504

Version 1504 maps that include:

  • Updated traffic scheme and arrangement of roads in the following cities:
    • Barwice (Zachodniopomorskie province),
    • Białogard,
    • Biały Bór,
    • Borne Sulinowo,
    • Bydgoszcz,
    • Cracow,
    • Szczecinek,
    • Toruń,
    • Warsaw,
    • Wrocław
  • Changes in the course of road DW 786 near Kielce and DW 707 in Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą
  • Updated course of route S8 from Janki to Paszków in connection with its planned opening

Version 6.17a changes:

  • Program stability fixes
  • Route calculation improvements

AutoMapa Windows 6.17 1502 

Version 1502 maps that include:

      • Corrections of routing of national roads in the Łódzkie province (DK8, DK12, DK14, DK74, and DK83)
      • Comprehensive update of the address database for Silesia
      • Update of the commune borders as well as addresses and street names in Zielona Góra
      • 3D visualisation of buildings in Zamość
      • Major update of designed road sections prepared for release as soon as they are ready for use, including:
        • Routes: 
          • <S6 Szczecin-Trójmiasto,
          • S19 Lublin-Rzeszów, 
          • S2 road junction Puławska-ring of Mińsk Maz.,
          • S5 A2-Bojanowo, 
          • S7 Lubień-Rabka section, 
          • S7 — the section to the north east of Cracow,
        • Ring roads of: 
          • Olsztyn, 
          • Chełm, 
          • Radom,
          • Northern ring-road of Cracow and its eastern section, 
          • North-western ring road of Nowy Sącz,
          • Western ring road of Zator
          • Northern exit from the motorway in Brzesko 
          • National road No. 9 Ostrowiec Św.-Opatów 
          • Provincial road No. 627 Kosów Lacki-Treblinka

Program updates and fixes:

    • Improved quality of route calculation
    • Power management improvements
    • Optimisation of amount of transferred data
    • Fixed drawing of road number labels
    • New marking of toll roads on the map
    • Visualisation of intersections of major roads with roads without right of way
    • Adjustments for multiple devices, including:
      • Becker Active.5 CE LMU, 
      • Becker Active.5 LMU plus,
      • Becker Proffesional.6 LMU, 
      • NavRoad Reco 2, 
      • Modecom Freeway sx2, 
      • Blow 700 Sirocco, 
      • Blow 580 Sirocco,
      • Blow 580 DVR, 
      • Clarion NX404E, 
      • Blaupunkt 845, 
      • GMS 6315 SMART

AutoMapa Windows 6.16 1410a

List of changes as compared to v.1410:

  • routing fixes and changes for: Intercity Road Route in Gliwice, S69, and Augustów ring road
  • Europe map content fixes
  • routing fixes and changes for routes that include Łazienkowski Bridge in Warsaw

AutoMapa Windows 6.16 1410 map

New v. 1410 maps that include:

  • added the so-called Ciechanów city loop
  • added chainage markers on the roads in the provinces of Zachodniopomorskie, Wielkopolskie, and Lubuskie
  • new traffic scheme in 18 cities in the provinces of Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Lubuskie
  • new traffic scheme after the opening of the roads related to the construction of the second route of the Warsaw underground service
  • changes in Warsaw on the AK route
  •   New road sections to be available through the LiveDrive! technology
  • bypass of Augustów
  • Dębica–Tarnów A4 motorway section
  • new sections of the bypass of Lublin
  • intercity road in Grudziądz
  • Sieradz–Walichnowy S8 expressway section
  • DK94 at Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • new Jana Pawła/Wojska Polskiego road junction in Częstochowa

AutoMapa Windows 6.16 1409

New v.1409 maps that include:

     Updated traffic schemes for towns and cities in the following provinces:
  • Wielkopolskie
  • Lubuskie
  • Zachodniopomorskie
  • and for Białystok ring road, and Tarnów–Dębica A4 motorway section


    Obiegowa street in Olsztyn ready to use in LiveDrive

AutoMapa 6.16 1408 maps for Windows

New v.1408 maps that include:

  • a significant update of address locations in Poland

AutoMapa Windows, version 6.16

List of changes as compared with version 6.15:

  • Quicker first download of AM'Traffic data
  • Better AM'Traffic data recalculation in the background
  • Restoring all road events downloaded during the last session at the program startup
  • An extra feature of manipulating the map after clicking the nearest manoeuvre arrow
  • Improved route calculation near route points
  • A possibility to return to the list of the last searched POI after choosing one of them
  • Improved operation of the function "add to favourites in a GPS point"
  • Improved map registration after update from within the program
  • Program stability fixes
  • Changes and adjustments for the following devices: Zubehor Z5, GMS Platinium, and other models
  • Changes and adjustments for the following devices: NavRoad LEEO S6, VIVO S6, ENOVO S6 i AURO S6.

1406 maps that include:

New features:

  • the first section of the Intercity Road in Toruń
  • new traffic scheme for Kłodawa and Jelenia Góra
  • new ring roads of Radomsko, Uciechów, and Sieniawka
  • addresses for the Dywity commune
  • Nowa Wałowa street in Gdańsk
  • updated chainage markers on new national road sections

Enabled for unlocking with LiveDrive!:

  • new bridge on the Vistula River in Połaniec with access roads
  • II stage of Jastrzębie-Zdrój ring road
  • Gościna ring road
  • another stage of the city centre ring road of Koszalin
  • Przemyśl southeast ring road
  • S5 route Kaczkowo — Korzeńsko
  • another section of the Intercity Road Route

AutoMapa Windows, version 6.15 1404


New maps of Poland 1404 are available in the program, including:

  • updated address database for Warsaw,
  • new traffic organisation in Konin and Legnica,
  • new 3D buildings in Elbląg and Jelenia Góra,
  • added chainage markers on provincial routes in Pomorskie province,
  •  new road sections ready to be unlocked with LiveDrive!:
    • Augustów ring road,
    • a new section of A4: Tarnów-Dębica,
    • bridge over Vistula in Kamień,
    • extension of Reymonta street in Warsaw,
    • a new section of A1: Włocławek-Kowal,

1402  Maps

Updates and fixes:

  • Added bypasses of Hrubieszów, Biłgoraj, Leżajsk (2nd stage), Mielec, southern Radom, Lubawa, Opalenica
  • Bypasses of 3 towns on the 747 road under repair
  • New section of DTŚ in Gliwice
  • Section of Międzyrzecz–Gorzów Wielkopolski S3 motorway
  • Missing section of S11 on the west of Poznań
  • Completely new traffic scheme for Piła

AutoMapa Windows, version 6.15 1312

New v.1312 maps that include:

New road sections:

  • bypass of Pszczyna
  • 45-kilometre Syców–Walichnowy S8 expressway section (45 km)
  • bypasses of Stawiski and Raków

Ready to be unlocked with LiveDrive!:

  • bypass of Lublin
  • bypass of Mrocza
  • 1st stage of the intercity road in Toruń
  • bypass of Nowa Sól

And also:

  • new traffic scheme for Ełk
  • complete traffic scheme for Dębica–Rzeszów A4 motorway section
  • rebuilt from scratch 3D objects for Wrocław and its surroundings
  • traffic schemes for new towns which will be granted city rights as of January 1, 2014 (Dobrzyca, Modliborzyce, Mrozy, Stepnica, Zaklików)

AutoMapa 6.15 includes the following changes:

  • LiveDrive! sensitivity increased
  • toggleable tolls for passenger cars/trucks in LiveDrive! (applies both to motorway tolls and viaTOLL system tolls)
  • road sections unlocked with LiveDrive! can be permanently locked manually now
  • visualisation for entering a higher category road
  • POI alert visualisation changed
  • improved alerts for POI on the left side of the road
  • faster operation for favourite points
  • the scale of view is now taken into consideration when snapping an on-screen selected point to a route
  • fixes for navigation messages and curve detection
  • route information now includes the summary of time and distance for travelling on toll roads
  • added functionality for ignoring sections with physical road blocks for vehicles that do not have the “ignore physical road block” flag set
  • on slower devices, routes may be calculated less optimally if the device runs out of memory
  • fixes for Miplo synchronisation
  • fixes and adjustments for: BP NY 830, CRUSER Sigma A50, Clarion NX502E, AudioMedia AMG 5.0 SL, Prestigio 5800, GMS PRESTIGE

AutoMapa Windows 6.14a 1310a RC

Wersja 6.14a 1310a zawiera mapy z wersji 1310 oraz wyłącznie następujące poprawki:

  • aktualizacja objazdów i tras związanych z remontem Trasy AK w Warszawie
  • aktualizacja danych SmartRoutes

AutoMapa Windows 6.14a 1310

New v.1310 maps that include:

  • changes in the Dębica–Rzeszów A4 motorway section
  • the Radymno–Korczowa A4 motorway section is ready to be unlocked by the LiveDrive! technology when it is accessible for travel
  • the Olkusz ring road is available
  • traffic scheme changes in Warszawa on the Armii Krajowej street due to its repairs
  • improvements and updates on the S7 expressway near Kielce and S2 expressway in Warszawa
  • improved chainage markers on the A2 motorway and S5 and S11 expressways
  • added a significant number of addresses and towns with traffic schemes

AutoMapa Windows 6.14a 1309

New v.1309 maps that include:

  • new Występa-Lekomin road,
  • northern part of the Wojnicz ring road, opened recently
  • continuation of the Mieszka I street in Radom
  • new traffic schemes in: Bytom, Będzin, Chełm, Grodno, Kraków (Futura Park shopping centre), Gliwice (Europa Centralna shopping centre), Kielce (S7 expressway), and on the A1/DK91 junction between Łódź and Piotrków Trybunalski
  • updated data base of speed limits in Ostrołęka, Płock, Tarnobrzeg, Elbląg, Słupsk, Koszalin, Piotrków Trybunalski, Częstochowa, Łomża, Bełchatów, Piła, Chełm, Siedlce, Sosnowiec and Jaworzno
  • updated chainage markers on the roads in the Świętokrzyskie province
  • new address points (for example for the Świętokrzyskie province)

AutoMapa Windows 6.14a 1306

Updates and fixes:

  • Fixes concerning data developed in collaboration with Regional Directorate of State Forests.

V. 1306 maps update.

  • Updates concerning Warszawa Southern Bypass.
  • Permit for use of a new bridge near Kwidzyn.

AutoMapa for Windows 6.14 1306

      •   changes related to information about forests (roads and forest paths, searching forest inspectorate addresses, displaying the borders of forest districts etc.)

New v. 1306 maps

• Updated data base of speed limits according to the latest information from GDDKiA
• Added 721 new water connections used by firefighters (hydrants and other water sources)
• New traffic control plans for Bełchatów and Łomża
• Major update to the address book (whole country)
• Major update for woodland areas (over 100 thousand new addresses, over 20000 km of forest roads, over 3000 km of forest paths)
• Unlockable with LiveDrive!: the road S69 section from Bielsko-Biała to Żywiec, the road S3 section from Sulechów to Międzyrzecze, Nowobukowińska street (continuation of the KEN street) in Warsaw
• Updated marine navigation data for Śniardwy lake and Nidzkie lake

AutoMapa Windows, version 6.13 1304

  • More precise route calculation
  • Corrections taking into account on-route manoeuvres
  • Manoeuvre throughput improvements
  • Improvement of the road direction changes with the LiveDrive! technology
  • Allowing for roads under construction
  • Corrections for temporarily closed roads
  • Fixed routing on internal roads
  • Correction of errors in route limits for trucks
  • Faster route calculation for trucks and improved routes for destinations difficult to arrive at (e.g. Moscow)
  • Fixes for pedestrianized routes
  • Fixed program operation with Becker Content Manager
  • Changes and adjustments for: Modecom Freeway MX3HD, Cruser a50, 2DIN Clarion NX502E Multimedia Station

AutoMapa Windows version 6.12 1304

New maps of Poland and Europe in version 1304, including the following features:

New features:

  • Added chainage markers on the roads in the Podkarpackie province.
  • Added the new, completed, and ready to use bridge over the Vistula near Kwidzyn on National Road No. 90 and 11 kilometres of roads connecting National Road No. 91 with National Road No. 55.
  • Included substantial traffic management changes in Białystok near the streets named Sienkiewicza and Piłsudskiego.
  • Added nearly 3 thousand navigational maps of cities and towns.
  • Added 36,000 address locations.

Version: AutoMapa Windows 6.12 1302

Featuring new maps of Poland and Europe 1302 including:


  • Sulechów bypass.
  • Kęty ring road.
  • New junction on the A1 north of Toruń.
  • ew traffic management rules (no entry signs, road direction changes, mandatory signs, tonnage and height limitations, speed limit data, etc.) for Piotrków Trybunalski and Częstochowa
  • Nowolazurowa Street in Warsaw.
  • New tunnel in the centre of Katowice.
  • Changes in the centre of Kielce.
  • New provincial road chainage in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province.
  • Updated data on speed limits and built-up areas in the Podkarpackie province.

Version of AutoMapa for Windows 6.12 1212


  • Enhanced event handling and operation and visualization of Traffic data.
  • Calculating truck routes is now much faster.
  • Enhanced Lane Guidance operation, fixed bug in missing "keep the right lane" information on certain crossroads.
  • Enhanced operation of temporary traffic direction changes on roads.
  • Bug fixes in blockades' operation after downloading them along with Traffic data.
  • Corrected operation of updates performed from the application.
  • Sounds for clicks can be disabled in the Settings.
  • Improved snapping to route points based on addresses. Virtual names introduced for sections without names. It results in better snapping to route points on closed, internal or residential roads.
  • Improved route snapping to roads under construction.
  • Improved 3D Only map view mode, bug fix in erroneous display of map scale after downloading Traffic data.
  • Enhanced program operation on devices with small memory. Minimum RAM required after the program launch decreased to 30 MB, recommended 35 MB.
  • Enhanced AutoMapa registration engine.
  • Adapted for the following devices: Aristo Voyager S515HD, AutoNav, GMS LUXURY and CE69.
  • Enhancements in mapping routes that go along newly commissioned road sections.
  • Faster program operation thanks to better Traffic data compression.

version AutoMapa Windows 6.11e 1212

The newest maps 1212, including:

  • opening of the A4 motorway Szarów - Tarnów section
  • opening of the S8 road Oleśnica - Syców section
  • opening of the A1 motorway Świerklany – Gorzyczki section
  • new traffic organization for over 6,000 localities
  • multiple local changes in traffic organization in cities
  • A1 motorway section Radymno-Jarosław ready for unblocking by the LiveDrive! technology

version 6.11d (map 1210)

The newest maps of Poland:

Maps 1210, including:

  • corrections on the S7 route to Gdańsk

  • Olsztynek ring road made available

  • S8 between Piotrków Trybunalski and Rawa Mazowiecka made available

  • Szczecin - the Struga Street detours and its final course taken into account. Another section of the city centre ring road and the Northern Route made available


Prepared to be unblocked by the LiveDrive! technology:

  • ring roads of Jastrzębie Zdrój, Jędrzejów, Stary and Nowy Kisielin (DW 282), the city centre ring road of Chrzanów
  • A4 Szarów-Brzesko section

version 6.11c (map 1209)

  • Improvements in time restrictions, such as traffic limits on the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge in Warsaw.

  • Improvements for Macrom - M-DVD5562R

version 6.11b (map 1209)

Improved AM'Traffic data, including the blocking of Prosta Street in Warsaw.

version 6.11 (map 1209)

The newest maps of Poland and Europe:

Poland (maps 1209), including:

  • 100% coverage of roads leading to living places

  • 100% of population in the cities covered with point addresses

  • 100% of population in the cities covered with navigation plans

  • over 3.1 million building outlines

  • over 664 thousands of roads in all categories

  • information about shallows and peaks

  • complex update of traffic organization in the cities of Tarnobrzeg, Ostrołęka and Płock

  • added chainage for voivodship roads in the Opolskie voivodship

  • ring roads of Frampol, Kurozwęki and Rawicz, as well as the Poznań northern ring road ready to be unblocked by the LiveDrive! technology

  • southern ring road of the Pilski Poviat.

The newest maps of Europe by NAVTEQ in the specification for Q3 2012

What's new:

  • Built-in map and program update function directly from the program, without the need to connect to a PC

  • Temporary changes of traffic direction, speed limits, lorry parameters, different settings for different vehicle types

  • Shallows and mountain peaks presented on the map

  • "Measurements" function in the pop-up menu: enables measurement of the length of a section, a series of sections or the surface of a closed area on the map

  • Possibility to assign the "display the whole map" function to buttons


  • Changed mode of operation of the Traffic status icon:

    • blue - system active, navigation is taking place based on LiveDrive! data,
    • green - system active, downloading new data in progress
    • yellow - last data send/receive attempt failed, another data transmission attempt in progress
    • red - send/receive data error
    • grey - system inactive
  • Default profile: Passenger. The profile can be changed in the program settings.

Adjustments and bug fixes:

  • Improved mapping long routes

  • Improved mapping routes based on Traffic data

  • Improved rules for informing about ETA/VIA (taking into account time zones, corrections for cross country routes, etc.)

  • Displaying road traffic direction with active blockade

  • Hiding buildings which cover a GPS tag or the next manoeuvre

  • Dynamically refreshed distance at the route point flags

  • Improved display of water reservoir names

  • Corrected display of labels on the map and in the chainage

  • Improved view centering on the current GPS position

  • Disabled warning about speed cameras in Switzerland

  • Corrected display of some windows in the program (e.g. closing the program, "Wait"-type windows, etc.)

  • Changed manner of displaying some messages, from full-screen to slide down (e.g. Downloaded Traffic data)

  • Added chainage in the window: Where am I

  • Extended window: Go for help, added locality name, option to call the POI directly

  • Option to use Miplo on WCE devices, if ActiveSync is available

  • Bug fixes for the following devices: Blow 500 Traffic, BLOW 550 Traffic, Becker Ready 50/Becker Active 50, Alga AS_6005 BT HD, Wayteq 850, Modecom Freeway MX2, Modecom Freeway SX, Modecom FreeWay MX3, AudioMedia AM 5.0 SL, 7.0 SL, 5.0, Smart GPS SG 601, 710, NavRoad: RECO, VIVO PLUS, LEEO, LEEO S/ST, VIVO S/ST, ENOVO S, AURO S

  • Bug fixes submitted by the release of the 6.11 beta version

(Version 6.10e map 1206)

What's new:


  • traffic organization in nearly 3,000 further localities,

  • over 640 thousand Points of Interest (POI),

  • over 3,300 km of new roads and projects (including the ones ready for unblocking by LiveDrive! technology),

  • updates to the road network around major road projects, such as the A2 motorway, the S8 route to Piotrków Trybunalski and S8 in Warsaw,

  • thousands of data items submitted by AutoMapa, and Miplo users.

wersja 6.10d mapa 1204


Poprawione usterki atrybutów (oznaczenia rond, ograniczeń prędkości i obszarów zabudowanych) we fragmencie mapy o promieniu ok. 80km pomiędzy Poznaniem, Toruniem i Bydgoszczą.

version 6.10c map 1204


New maps of Poland 1204, including:

Over 1,800 km of new roads

New road projects, ready to be unblocked through the LiveDrive! technology, such as:

  • sections of A2 and A1 motorways

  • the S8 Wrocław – Oleśnica route

  • a section of S5 route in the vicinity of Gniezno

  • another section of the Poznań western ring road

  • Kluczbork ring road

  • new sections of the National Road No. 7 (Gdańsk southern ring road, section near Olsztynek and Miłomłyn-Pasłęk)

  • the Słowackiego route in Gdańsk

Three new road border crossings:

  • two Poland-Ukraine crossings, ready to be opened for the European Football Championship
  • Poland-Russia border crossing

Numerous new sections with street names

Nearly 640 thousand Points of Interest

version 6.10b map 1202

What's new:

New maps of Poland 1202, including:

  • 100% of road network leading to living places

  • over 3.1 million point addresses assigned to individual buildings

  • over 3.1 million building shapes

  • over 660,000 km of roads of all categories, including recently commissioned newly built road sections

  • over 49,000 navigation plans of cities, towns and localities

  • 7019 cities, towns and localities covered with point addresses

  • 1047 cities, towns and localities with 3D buildings

  • over 3500 km of dirt roads updated to the asphalt road category

  • nearly 637,000 of Points of Interest (POI)

  • chainage extension to provincial roads in the podlaskie, mazowieckie, łódzkie, lubelskie and śląskie provinces

New maps of Europe, with specification for 1Q 2012, developed by Navteq, containing the most current road data from 44 European countries.

version 6.10 map 1112
What's new:


  • new route type - Safe

  • possibility to download a route mapped in the service from the Internet. Such a route is assigned a unique PIN code, which makes it usable on more than one device

  • simplified registration procedure

  • new, better algorithms for detection and avoidance of traffic jams for the following routes: Safe, Easy and Optimal

  • enabled warning on setting a route point on a pedestrian section


  • point addresses for all towns and cities in Poland

  • significantly increased number of point addresses

  • Roads and ring roads prepared for unblocking by LiveDrive!: a new A4 section near Rzeszów, S74 route near Kielce, the Northern Bridge in Warsaw, ring roads of Bytom, Stary Sącz and Wschowa.


  • default scale at point display: City 2D

  • distance from destination displayed as route point flags

  • possibility to display/hide tags for traffic lights

  • changed selection option method: two- and three-column frames

  • VIA point will not be accounted for when driving along the opposite lane

  • changed distance display method for Cross-country route

  • improved navigation message settings for long routes

  • faster screen refreshing rate

  • when playing route demo, speed is consistent with AutoMapa Traffic indications

  • simplified Miplo account setup in AutoMapa (more keyboard characters when entering data)

  • in POI->Management/Display: select "All" on the category list to display flat category list

  • in Route -> Modify -> Load menu, a list of recently loaded or mapped routes is displayed

  • default path for saving GPS tracks and routes on the memory card (hitherto in the device built-in memory)

  • if a route point and a POI are in the same place, one can click to select one of the point icons

  • possibility to finger scroll the Settings windows and other lists in the program

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • corrected display of messages about route changes caused by new data from LiveDrive!

  • improved adjustment for the following devices: Modecom FreeWay MX 2 HD, Trak GPS-640, Trak GPS-520, Smailo HD 5.0 Photo, Smailo HD43i/HD50i, HTC HD2

  • improved operation of POI warning sounds

  • data format compliant with the device OS settings

  • improvements in the computer presentation

  • numerous improvements in route mapping method

  • improved operation of Lane Guidance and navigation messages

version 6.9b map 1110


The newest maps of Poland marked with symbol 1110 including:

  • added new 62 km long section of A1 Motorway Toruń - Grudziądz, commissioned on 14 October 2011, including all changes around this route;

  • added new 106 km long section of A2 Motorway Nowy Tomyśl - Country Border, prepared to be opened on 1 December, including all changes around this route;

  • added ring roads of: Ełk, Szczurowa, Kęty, and internal ring roads of Gostynin and Płońsk;

  • added new S69 route section in Bielsko-Biała, prepared for unblocking;

  • included significant changes in traffic organization in Warsaw (Marki - the Grota Roweckiego Bridge route, extension of Komisji Edukacji Narodowej ave., etc.)

  • nearly 6 thousand new navigation plans of localities


version 6.9 map 1109


What's new:


The latest maps of Poland, version 1109, including:


  • Added over 8.5 thousand navigation plans for localities (total 42853)
  • Updated traffic organization for all towns and localities around Warsaw
  • Added new road projects (such as the Wrocław ring road, new S3 sections next to Świnoujście/Goleniów, ring roads of Chełmno, Goleniów, Ośno Lubuskie. Not yet commissioned ring roads of Ełk, Poznań and many others
  • Unblocked subsequent 6 km of the A1 motorway near Gliwice.


  • POI synchronization with the Miplo service (MiploSync) directly built into AutoMapa
  • Significantly faster mapping of long routes (by 20 and up to 80%). Part of the gained time allowed to further optimize the most difficult routes without the mapping time extension
  • The Typical Routes function, launched by the blue arrow button, suggests typical routes the user selects on a given time of the day or in the map nearby area
  • Change of all dialogue windows of program settings into scrollable lists, which facilitates finger operation on small screens
  • Restored correct road direction indication after unblocking
  • Option to disregard "B1" signs and physical blocades for emergency vehicles
  • Toll sections for lorries (viaTOLL system)
  • Significant compression increase of AutoMapa Traffic data downloaded from the server, which enables full Traffic visualization (visible difference between on-line and statistical data)
  • Improved throughput visualization in AutoMapa Traffic data preview
  • New algorithms of traffic jam forecasts for AutoMapa Traffic system
  • Added AutoMapa Traffic events visualization for places where jams form (situations in which throughput downloaded from LiveDrive! data varies greatly from standard road throughput)
  • Option to download AutoMapa Traffic data when playing out route demo
  • Option to delete AutoMapa Traffic statistics
  • New languages: Spanish, Portugal and Russian, and navigation voices: Andre, Geotmar and Sergey
  • Use of calendar when selecting time frames for blockades
  • Drawing road numbers as plates on the information panel
  • Multi-column and multi-page POI lists displayed after clicking a group of icons on the map

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved navigation and manoeuvre messages
  • Patches improving program stability when performing untypical operations
  • Improved operation of fields containing minutes/seconds of geographical coordinates
  • Improved display of icons in MVGA graphics
  • Improved saving of times when converting GPS track to KML
  • Changes and improvements of AutoMapa Traffic settings
  • Corrections in the program installer
  • Corrected playing out of sounds on not typical navigation hardware models
  • Improved calculation of used and free space on the card when installing and upgrading
  • Corrected size of event icons
  • Added support of address numbers higher than 8192

Changes and additions for navigation devices, among others Blaupunkt NewYork 800, Peying PY 9903, NavRoad (including Duxo), RoadRover, Cruser alpha, Aristo S430, Navigon, Wayteq 960BT.


version 6.8.1g map 1106




Changes in maps:


  • A2 Konin-Stryków motorway marked as a toll one,
  • improvements in the Lane Assistant operation in the region of Wrocław, Opole and A4 motorway.


Changes in the program:


  • improvement for the device: NavRoad Vivo,
  • support for LiveDrive! operation for the following devices: NavRoad DUXO, Blow 500 Traffic.


version 6.8.1d map 1106




New maps 1106 including among others:


  • roads of all categories: 658,478 km (increased by 1,337 km)
  • navigation plans for cities, towns and localities: 34,319 (increased by 4,007)
  • cities, towns and localities with building outlines and their point addresses: 6,198 (increased by 879)
  • cities, towns and localities with full set of street names: 7,582 (increased by 1,760)
  • traffic lights: 20,986 (increased by 804)
  • exact point addresses of individual buildings: 3,044,920 (increased by 74,980)

version 6.8.1 map 1104


  • Option to present the altitude information in the pilot.
  • Option for setting the time zone for the GPS location.
  • In the Settings > Route dialog, added option to automatically display the route points sorting dialog after adding subsequent VIA points.
  • Possibility to change the size of the navigation pilot panels.
  • Possibility to change the size of the map elements.
  • Information about more countries described in Help & info -> Information about a country.


  • Improvements in the navigation (messages about manoeuvres).
  • After selecting the city/street/address/junction as the route point in the Search engine,
    the user goes back to the list of cities/streets, which facilitates typical searching activities.
  • In AM'Traffic visualisation, colors from 6.7 version have been brought back, but without distinguishing between SmartRoutes and LiveDrive! - the distinguishing is not possible due to the necessity for strong compression. The server only sends the LiveDrive! data which greatly differ from SmartRoutes data. It could mislead the user by suggesting that there are much less LiveDrive! data than in fact. The full visualisation picture is available at
  • Corrections in calculating easy routes.
  • Advanced engine for fast traffic jam detection in AM'Traffic.
  • Increased accuracy of calculated routes in difficult map areas.
  • Corrections in accounting for traffic events when calculating routes.
  • Bugfixes in setting time from GPS after changing the time on some PNDs.
  • Improved operation of Go to -> Addresses dialog.
  • Improved city search in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Corrected route printouts.
  • Simplified AM'Traffic settings.
  • Improved calculation of space necessary for the installation in the installer.
  • Bugfixes in displaying the menu after a skin change.
  • Corrected AM'Traffic event sorting on the list.
  • Improved LiveDrive! support on "MODECOM Freeway MX 2" devices.
  • Compatibility corrections for MDA Compact IV.
  • Fixed restoring from minimised state for SmartGPS SG350.
  • In the installer, added support for AudioMedia Nav 108E.
  • Improved visualisation of the Easy Route.


version 6.8 map 1102




AutoMapa 6.8 is the second maps and program update this year. The maps of Poland have been developed by the leading Polish map supplier - Geosystems Polska. They are current as of the end of February 2011. The maps of Europe, prepared by NAVTEQ – the world leader in map solutions – are available in the newest specification of Q1 2011. Such a solution creates the most current and up-to-date picture of real data from Polish and European roads. AutoMapa 6.8 introduces a new route type (Easy Route) suitable for beginning drivers, enhanced CB Radio support and new AutoMapa Traffic capabilities.


Number of localities in AutoMapa has increased to over 103.5 thousand. It is the most extensive database of localities among all navigation programs. The number of cities and towns, including building outlines and point addresses, has increased by 15%, reaching the record number of 5060 items. The total No. of address points in the database for Poland has exceeded 2,966,000. The new AutoMapa 6.8 includes over 639 thousand POIs, far beyond the competition.


  • New route type: Easy.
  • Option of sorting newly inserted THROUGH points automatically.
  • Changed road display settings – more possibilities of road outline adjustment.
  • New user interface languages: Portugal and Spanish.
  • New tab in the settings -> interface -> preferences part 2.
  • GPS mini status, including in the GPS signal searching message.
  • Display of information about the time zones for the Start and End points, and improvements in the time zones consideration.
  • Option to set unlimited track autosave.
  • In the settings (interface -> view), a new option of map appearance, unified with the new appearance of maps (currently in preparation).
  • Consideration of speed bumps in AM'Traffic.
  • Improved chainage in national roads, added in voivodship-grade roads in the following voivodships: the Mazowieckie (Masovian) and the Śląskie (Silesian).


Improvements and bug fixes:


  • Improvements in the Lane Assistant operation.
  • Added functionality of Traffic visualisation refreshment after data download.
  • Corrected saving of the settings of startup windows in some devices.
  • Corrected display of diacritics in the installer.
  • Faster operation when a large number of POIs is displayed.
  • Removed erroneous message in Windows 7 about potentially unsuccessful installation.
  • Corrections in Profile-related dialogue windows.
  • Enhanced retrieval of settings from previous AutoMapa versions.
  • Corrected bug causing some blocks to disappear.
  • Corrected pilot operation.
  • Corrected operation of the slider which changes the buildings height.
  • Corrected display of road direction symbols.
  • Corrections and enhancements for NavRoad 470 and NavRoad 780 Hugo devices.
  • Verification of the correctness of GPS coordinates entered in the Go to -> GPS window.
  • Improved route mapping algorithms.


version 6.7, map 1012




  • Faster user interface (UI).
  • Traffic light visualisation.
  • Significant improvement in the accuracy of LiveDrive! data used for navigation.
  • Option of downloading LiveDrive! data manually for the area of the navigation point.
  • The functionality of the 2D/3D/3D+ button has been changed to 2D/3D. Press and hold the button to change building height from zero to full value.
  • Traffic data for European countries (speed limits, road tolls, etc.) in the "Help and info" menu.
  • Improved route mapping based on road block data.
  • Improved Fast route mapping algorithms.
  • Forced long route recalculation has been minimised.
  • Improved voice messages that account for manoeuvring difficulties in congested traffic.
  • GPS readout data is automatically adjusted to the receiver with optimised GPS readout support.
  • Automatic screen rotation for Samsung Omnia2.
  • Improved functionality for HTC Touch HD2, Blow 70iBT, Trak GPS-515.
  • POI search option in the vicinity of addresses and junctions.
  • Improved operating speed.
  • Profile creation errors have been corrected.
  • Modified visualisation of Start/Through/End points (passed points are greyed out as inactive).
  • Easier definition of Home and Work points. When those points are not defined, the Home or Work option will activate the address selection window.
  • Improved installation options - English is the default langugage when voice messaging for the chosen language is not available.
  • A description can be added when creating a POI.
  • POI descriptions are displayed in balloons on the map. By clicking on the balloon, the window with POI information, clickable links and telephone numbers is displayed.
  • Links in POI balloons are not clickable in devices without Internet access.
  • New window with the "Subscription expired!" message and the "More information..." button.

version 6.6.2, map 1010


  • Option of changing speed limits based on the AM'Traffic events.
  • Automatic closing of dialog windows informing about no entry roads.
  • Adding the option of downloading AM'Traffic road event data to AM'Center.


  • Removed problem with route deletion after turning SmartRoutes on/off.
  • Improved cutting / pasting of route points.
  • Improved method of choosing icons on the map.
  • Improved display of diacritical marks in event descriptions in AM'Traffic.
  • Improved keyboard display in the AM'Traffic Event dialog.
  • Removed problem with sporadic Access Violation error during AutoMapa start-up.
  • Improved checking for disk capacity when recording GPS track.
  • Perfected POI search mechanisms
  • The display of AM'Traffic event icons is now connected to POI display options.
  • Improved automatic display switching.
  • Improved volume control on Becker devices.
  • Improved memory management by AutoMapa for PC.
  • Faster calculation and recalculation of routes.
  • Improved street search in towns.
  • Improved support of phone calls received during navigation on HTC devices.
  • Removed problem with the application not remembering the chosen keyboard type.
  • Faster map drawing at zoom out.
  • Improved application stability.
  • Improvements and adjustments for devices: NavRoad NR243, GoClever 5066FMBT/5040.

version 6.6.1, map 1009


  • New menu option: "signalization of slight turns", which allows the user to ignore certain messages such as "turn slightly to the left/right".
  • During system update - redundant files from older versions of AM are deleted, provided they are not used by newer versions of the application.
  • License end warning displayed two weeks before the end of the license period.
  • The information on traffic events (road works, roadblocks, etc.) is directly appended to map data for enhanced navigation without Internet access.
  • Visualisation of data on changes in the length and time of a mapped route due to updated traffic information from the LiveDrive! system that affects the chosen route.


  • After transferring a memory card to a different device, equipment-dependent settings are reset to factory defaults.
  • Drawings in Menu/ Help are scaled up/down to the screen size.
  • Increased amounts of data on route point addresses and history points
  • Improvements related to the display of doubled locations on the lower bar of the pilot panel.
  • Solved issue with erasing route points on the map.
  • Improvements in the calculation of fuel consumption and speed for vehicle profile.
  • Improved saving of changes in POI warning settings.
  • Improvements related to saving/reading the GPS traces, including the reading of altitude data in GPS traces.
  • Improved blocking and unblocking of areas.
  • Improved blocking and unblocking of sections in the Route / Information dialogue.
  • Solved issue with changing the individual elements of the pilot panel when flipping the display.
  • Optimized memory usage.
  • Improved reporting of AutoMapaTraffic errors.
  • Improvements related to the functioning of the Traffic Lane Assistant.
  • Corrections related to event handling in AM'Traffic.
  • Corrections in the display of diacritics on the map.
  • Your menu option – "Send Traffic data" - no longer active after turning the Traffic function off.
  • Improvement of the traffic density visualization in AutoMapa Traffic.
  • Solved issues with the incorrect display of speed limits on certain highways.
  • Changes in the Go to ->POI: screen; added welcome screen and POI search in greater distance.
  • Corrections and improvements for the following device models: Mio p550, HTC TytnII, Garmin Nuvifone, Navman F45.
  • Corrections to automatic display flipping on devices with a sensor (accelerometer) and providing automatic flipping support for more device models such as HTC and Samsung.
  • Enhanced POI synchronization with Miplo.
  • Solved issues with interrupted voice messages.
  • Changes in street search and display of search results.
  • Improved POI search, e.g. corrections in diacritic sign display and user POI search.
  • Improved route calculation.
  • System optimization for fast route calculation.
  • Corrections of roadblock issues in AutoMapa Traffic event handling.
  • Improved navigation THROUGH Neighborhood.
  • Improvements related to navigation where alongside the main road, there is a parallel second road.
  • The problems with program start-up and profile switching in selected navigation devices have been resolved.
  • Changes in the POI search window.

version 6.6, map 1008

Added features:

  • Traffic Lane Assistant in Poland.
  • Window displaying a list of traffic events and road blocks.
  • Choice of additional options during automatic GPS track saving.
  • Traffic events and road blocks downloaded from the AutoMapa Traffic System are displayed on the map.
  • Visualisation of traffic flow (average speed) in the AutoMapa Traffic system in 2D display.
  • A preliminary POI search window enables the user to search for POI relative to the current position, in a selected location, near the route or the point of destination.
  • Assistance information.
  • Option of rotating the screen to the right / left by clicking a hardware button or from Your Menu.
  • User instructions in English and German.
  • Compatible with new navigation device models, including Blow, Cruser, Garmin Nuvifone, HTC,  ModeCOM, MyGuide, NavRoad, SmartGPS, Sony Vaio.
  • The data used during previous, correct map registration is used to speed up the next registration process on the same device.
  • New road category (express roads) in route information.
  • Three options for setting the bar describing the current position.


  • Faster POI search,
  • Improved screen rotation for HTC HD2,
  • Faster search based on postal codes,
  • Option of copying / cutting route points,
  • Improved POI warning,
  • Improved default POI warning parameters,
  • Greater compatibility with MiploSync,
  • Shorter route plotting start time,
  • Corrected Go to -> History window,
  • Category is no longer automatically displayed after synchronisation,
  • Corrected display of balloons with the name of road/street/city,
  • New route point icons,
  • Active links in POI descriptions,
  • Selected settings are independent of hardware,
  • Improved / expanded additional voice messages during / after route recalculation prompted by AM'Traffic. When the route is significantly shortened (less congested traffic), the "Now: xx km, yy minutes to destination" message is played, and when the route is significantly extended (more congested traffic and road blocks), the "Congested traffic, Now: xx km, yy minutes to destination" message is heard,
  • Improved road block synchronisation with Miplo,
  • Corrected profile functionality when the memory card is transferred between devices,
  • A redundant dialogue box has been removed from the Report Error function,
  • The list of street search results has been divided into streets in a selected town/city and streets in its general area (displayed by pressing a new button "(!) in the area"),
  • More legible information about a selected profile in the Route Calculation window,
  • Built-in and user POI selection fields have been combined into a single field,
  • Route icons (start/ through/ end) are displayed as flags,
  • New, more legible display of POI icons,
  • Modified display of POI warnings,
  • New POI balloons,
  • Changes in the POI > Warnings window resulting from the modified display of POI points,
  • Different mode of inputting the start hour in the dialogue box describing the beginning of the route,
  • Significantly faster route plotting (up to 30% faster, subject to the length, type and course of the route),
  • Corrected route plotting logic,
  • Corrected profile functions,
  • Corrected deletion of built-in profiles,
  • Corrected problem of insufficient memory when plotting long routes on devices with limited available memory,
  • Corrected AM'Traffic recalculation,
  • Corrected ETA calculation logic,
  • Improved telephone module,
  • Corrected function of entering coordinates in the Go to > GPS point dialogue box,
  • Corrected display of the VIA button,
  • Corrected/added pilot panels, now a total of seven,
  • New point added to history: contact,
  • Added feature of saving contact data on PC and PPC,
  • The program no longer freezes when switching between 2D/3D mode,
  • The expiring subscription message is displayed 14 days before the actual expiry date.

version 6.5, map 1006


Full upgrade of maps of Poland (the third in 2010):

  • Navigation plans of 841 localities more (total 13,989!)
  • Number of towns, cities and localities with building outlines and point addresses increased by 258 to 3,357
  • 46,000 new, exact point addresses (total 2.7 million)
  • 90,000 new 2D and 3D buildings (total 3 million)
  • 17,000 new POIs (total 576 tys. nowych POI (total 576,000)
  • Improved streets searching indices in small localities.

You can view full statistical values of the map of Poland contents on:

Full upgrade of the maps of Europe based on the newest data by Navteq 2010 Q2.
You can view statistical data for maps of individual countries on:

Maps in version 1006 (2010.06) require version 6.5 of the program to work correctly.

version 6.5, map 1004


In the map of Poland:

  • Navigational plans of another 2,436 localities (up to 13,148 in total!).
  • Building outlines and address points in another 267 localities (3,099 in total).
  • 71,000 precise address points (2,7 million in total).
  • 77,000 buildings in 2D and 3D outlines (2,9 million in total, including 1,3 million 3D outlines).
  • 20,000 POI (559,000 in total).

In the system:

  • Changes in the AM'Traffic system: SmartRoutes(tm) feature (taking into account any temporary traffic restrictions and traffic estimates based on statistics for the given day of the week/holiday and time of day) and LiveDrive(tm) feature (dynamic data on the current traffic exchanged with the AM’Traffic server).
  • AutoMapa Traffic start-up window.
  • AM’Traffic option on the second page of the main MENU.
  • Application AM'Center 1.0 for synchronizing SmartRoutes data on devices without web access.  Available from, "Support | Current release” tab and from
  • User profiles for saving complete settings and easy switching between saved profiles (e.g. settings for driving a company truck and for driving your family car).
  • "Collision” feature which sends an emergency SMS to the ICE number, establishes "Where Am I” and selects "Get help”, as well as the reference kit with the necessary information, developed in co-operation with the Gazeta Wyborcza daily.
  • Fast POI and POI category search by name, available also without selecting a category.
  • Traffic Lane Assistant. In version 6.5, all the data necessary to use this feature are available for the maps of Europe outside of the territory of Poland. Data including Poland will be made available in a subsequent map update.
  • Menu animations for greater facility of use. Clicked option expands from a selected button and upon closing, it shrinks back to its place.
  • City limits signalization by displaying a special icon above the maximum speed icon.
  • Changing the contents and localization of POIs embedded in the map (except for a few internal categories) and sending any proposed changes to
  • Categories "Useful” and "Most recently used” ensure fast access to selected POIs. They can be created, deleted and sorted in option MENU | POI Search.
  • Shadows under POI icons on the map.
  • Selectable contents of the bottom screen panel (NPI) with information on the street name and the surroundings.
  • Blocking a road segment prior to a turn by selecting it from the list of turns in MENU | Route | Info.
  • Map generation date aiding user in the selection of the most recent map, in case of owning several versions.
  • AutoMapa Traffic on/off status and operation history window.
  • Blocking several roads at once by selecting a rectangular area on the map in close-up display.
  • Automatic message informing the user that A-GPS data is no longer current and should be updated to ensure efficient operation of the GPS receiver.
  • Autosaving of GPS trace files after each trip.
  • Automatic notification about the expiry of map update subscription.
  • Automatic notification about using an obsolete map version.
  • Context help available by clicking '?' on most application screens.
  • Full contents of the help section (system's user manual) is available from MENU | Help.
  • Remembering the user's consent to set a HOME/WORK point on a road section with a No Entry sign.
  • Creating, saving and loading own POI warning settings in MENU | POI-Warning.
  • Checking the contents of the license agreement directly from option MENU | About.
  • Numbering facilitating orientation on the list of functions which can be assigned to hardkeys and softkeys (MENU | Settings | Keys ).
  • Automatic switching between day/night mode based on the operation of the light intensity sensor built into HTC and Samsung Omnia devices.
  • Special POI category called "Notes” which, in combination with option "(BP) Add to POI" in MENU | Settings | Keys, allows the user to add a new POI point with one click on the hardkey or softkey.
  • Floating horizontal street tags in the 3D navigation mode.
  • Large information icons in error messages and dialogues with prompts requiring the user's intervention.
  • Additional pilot panel with the Panorama skin (useful for devices with a large screen with high resolution).


  • Faster route calculation in areas with dense road network.
  • Lowered memory requirements during route calculation, in particular in areas with dense road networks and with very long routes leading through such areas.
  • In case of route re-calculation caused by receiving new data from AutoMapa Traffic, the original route is changed only if the new one ensures a significant drop in the travel time or route length.
  • Corrections in the ETA (estimated time of arrival) calculation and presentation algorithms.
  • Faster map drawing during route calculation.
  • Removed problem with duplicated POIs after import from
  • On the address search results list, the extra streets are additionally marked with (!). Such streets are located in towns in close proximity to the one chosen in the search.
  • Maximum user memory limit for POI was increased to 8MB.
  • Shrink and expand POI category button in the POI catalogue has been visually separated from the category selection button.
  • Faster opening and closing of dialogue and MENU screens.
  • Location information panel (bottom of the screen) ignores low category locations.
  • Individual elements of the location information panel (at the bottom of the screen) have been distinguished by color for better readability during the drive.
  • Standardization of return to previous screen buttons for the MENU and dialogue screen system.
  • Adjustments to provide support for both new and older navigational devices (e.g. Blow, Trak and HTC).
  • Corrections for devices with WCE4.2, which display an incorrect date for year 2010 (device problem similar to the Y2K bug).
  • Corrected default prompting of full map area installation in the setup program.
  • Option of not crossing the border was changed into "do not cross the border adding ...” in route settings.
  • Corrections in memory management that decrease the need for memory.
  • Lower frequency of POI warnings, e.g. in the case of railroad crossings.
  • Corrected functioning of the scale slider.
  • Corrections in the voice messages (e.g. "then” message at low driving speed).
  • Corrections to the logic of informing the user about a change in the street name after a turn(s), e.g. on interchanges.
  • Faster import of roadblocks from
  • Corrections in diacritical mark support in street names.
  • Corrected operation of functional key reset.
  • Corrected language sorting in the language selection dialogue.
  • Corrected missing address error in search dialogue.
  • Corrected problem with setting Start/End/Through points after changing the date of trip start.
  • Removed problem with no memory capacity when reading roadblocks from file.
  • Different map loading/selecting moved from the Menu to the 6th page of the settings, i.e. MENU | Settings | Other.
  • Improved absorption of data from the light intensity sensor used for switching between the Day/Night mode.
  • Faster map rendering (e.g. much faster reaction to map scrolling in big close-ups).
  • Improved dynamics and ergonomics of the menu animation and inactivity of scrollable lists.
  • Faster wake up from sleep mode in certain older Smartphone models.
  • Corrected joining of separate road segments under one street of the same name.
  • Correction for diacritical marks search.
  • Support for newer device models (e.g. Becker, HTC, Garmin nuvifone).
  • Autosaving of GPS trace starts within 2 seconds after getting the fix.
  • Delay in displaying the full POI information on the results list, if such list is very long; this solution ensures faster scrolling of the results list.

version 6.2, map 1001


  • 71,000 new precise address points (2,6 million in total) in 2,832 localities (an increase of 299) on the map of Poland
  • 61,000 new building outlines (2,8 million in total) on the map of Poland
  • number of navigational plans of cities and towns in Poland increased to 10,700
  • 15,000 new POI (539,000 POI in total) in Poland
  • option of moving the navigational arrow forward to increase the route visibility at sharp turns
  • standardized return to previous screen buttons


  • latest map data for Europe - Navteq 2010-1
  • corrections to the automatic naming of files with GPS trace
  • corrections to voice messages, route and estimated time of arrival (ETA) calculation
  • adjustments for HTC, Clarion, NaviHeaven, NavMan, AMTech devices


Version 6.1, map 0912a


  • more traffic sources included
  • scrolling of long selection lists using gestures with the "inertia effect"


  • fixes in route planning/calculation in near-border areas and at long route end sections
  • bugfix for road block breaking in a situation when there is a long detour
  • ETA synchronization shown in the information panel with time calculated for a fast route
  • fixes in navigation messages in complex manoeuvres
  • returned progress bar when loading large POI files
  • corrected problem of turning the navigation off, which happened just before reaching the destination
  • significantly faster GPS track export to KML format
  • contents of GPS track files in KML format optimized for faster operation in Google Earth
  • fixes in the installer (including displaying time to the installation end)
  • adjustment for new device models, including HTC, Navman, Pentagram, Peying, Trak
  • bugfix in monitoring battery level and remembering the last position on Pentagram Nomad
  • fixes of 6.0 version bugs reported by the users
  • removed bug of missing "no thoroughfare" signs in the centres of a few Polish cities in the map of Poland in version 0912

Version 6.0, map 0909


  • full version of AutoMapa Traffic system enabling traffic jams avoidance with the use of statistical data on road traffic congestion; for SIM card devices (Smartphone) and NavRoad 460BT and 560BF, also with on-line information from AutoMapa Traffic server;
    more devices powered by Windows CE with Internet connection will be covered by AutoMapa Traffic in the subsequent program versions
  • new route calculation logic allows the user to select the journey start hour, taking into account time limits and the throughput of the given road section the moment when the route reaches it (mandatory for AutoMapa Traffic operation and very important when calculating the route for trucks)
  • taking the vehicle speed profile into account in route calculation; the users can set their own speed limits for individual road categories (e.g. if the driver drives slowly on dirt roads) or a general limit, regardless of the road type (e.g. for a truck); if the speed set in the profile is lower on the given road than in the map or AMTraffic data, the program will use the speed from the profile
  • hierarchical POI categories tree, synchronized with the AutoMapa users’ service
  • possibility to disable empty POI categories option (“Including points” in MENU | POI | Display)
  • warnings about real speed limits in Poland for national roads, as well as in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, the Tricity and partially in Radom; also in many European cities (option to turn the limit display off by clicking the limit sign)
  • MiploPics function showing POI-related photos
  • in the map of Europe, exact point addresses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia added for the first time
  • toggling between map scrolling and zooming after the screen button to hide the screen buttons and slider is pressed for a longer time
  • option to convert the GPS track to KMZ format and view it on Google Earth
  • option to load a route or GPS track directly by clicking the file (AutoMapa will be activated and show the selected file on the screen)
  • added showing the name when deleting a POI or a favourite point
  • dialog for favourite points edition with the option to delete points selected on the list as in the POI edition
  • automatic program exit (with the user’s permission) when the battery is low
    added PAUSE option to the onboard computer calculations
  • added function Show/Hide Route with the option of assignment to any key or the user’s menu
  • visualisation of sound disabling highlighted in red
  • automatic GPS restart when GPS signal reception problems are detected
  • support for new navigation device models, including: Alpine K2, Becker 204/205, Pentagram Prime, Clarion 790, HTC Touch HD 2, HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Diamond 2, Invion GPSGo, MaxCom, Peying Alien
  • support for WCE6 devices


  • new, integrated screen for searching addresses
  • faster searching and faster dimming of inactive on-screen keyboard keys
  • data compression increased by another 10% due to the larger map volume
  • increased buttons on numeric keypads
  • improvements in the U-turns performance or avoidance logic
  • changes and improvements in the navigation messages logic and in the route point setting logic based on the addresses
  • selection of information displayed on the navigation panel from the list shown after clicking the panel
  • change of display format in the onboard computer from 5h7m to 5h07m
  • changes in the installer, facilitating the installation options selection

Added (version 5.5.3, map 0906):

  • Support for Becker devices, models Z102 and Z203.

Changes (version 5.5.3, map 0906):

  • Railroad crossings moved from the "Dangerous place" category to the dedicated "Railroad crossing" category, with a warning and an appropriate voice message turned on by default.
  • Improved description of localities' names on the information bar.

Additions (version 5.5.2, map 0906):

  • Railway crossing warnings added in cooperation with PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. as 15,200 new dangerous zones.
  • 9,000 km of roads on the territory of Poland (in total, the map of Poland features 637,000 km of roads).
  • 112 navigational plans of Polish towns and cities (2621 in total).
  • Detailed point addresses and building outlines in 82 Polish localities (2057 in total).
  • Compatibility with the latest navigation devices.

Changes (version 5.5.2, map 0906):

  • POIs from the main categories of the web service have been integrated directly into the map.
  • Detailed update of municipalities and communes hosting this year's Rally of Poland.
  • Complete update of information on the organization of traffic in several Polish cities (e.g. Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Radom and Szczecin).
  • Latest European data provided by Navteq version Q2 2009.

Added (version 5.5):

  • The first program and map upgrade this year.
  • Data for mapping lorry routes, including more than 23,000 cargo weight limit signs, more than 1,200 overpass height signs, more than 2,200 overpasses whose height was measured with a ladar for the needs of non-standard transport, the allowable axle load for all national and provincial roads in accordance with a regulation of the Minister of Transport.
  • The first module of the traffic jam bypass system - AutoMapa Traffic, which collects anonymous traffic data.
  • Data on 500 most dangerous road zones in Poland acquired from the Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters through the assistance of Krzysztof Hołowczyc's "Safe Driver" Foundation.

Changes (version 5.5):

  • Another 272 Polish locations (including 42 towns and cities) feature comprehensive address points allocated to buildings. AutoMapa now features more than 1,970 locations covered by this numbering system.
  • Option of disabling keyboard keys depending on the characters which have already been input and which can be input.
  • Improved logic of scoring THROUGH points with a selected option of transiting the area of a selected point.
  • Faster and improved logic of mapping long routes that intersect urban areas and border crossings.
  • Grouping (cities and streets) search results based on postal codes.
  • Faster installation application, which runs the program without unzipping compressed files.
  • The installation application features a new logic for detecting conflicts between device controllers if the user selects too many components for installation at the same time.
  • Added choice of components during the installation of version 5.5. Instruction Manual.
  • Compatibility with new devices, including Becker, Blaupunkt, HTC, NavRoad and Pentagram.
  • Improved route mapping and map display logic.

Additions (version 5.3):

  • Postal code search.
  • The pilot supports simultaneous display of information on two subsequent maneuvers.

Changes (version 5.3):

  • Significant increase in AutoMapa startup speed on Smartphones in sleep mode.
  • Removed automatic wakeup problem encountered on certain Smartphone models.
  • To prevent unnecessary zoom-in during map scrolling, the Zoom slider reacts only to finger or stylus movement tapping on the slider's handle.
  • Compatibility with new navigation device models, such as Asus, Becker, Daewoo, DreimGO, HTC, Lark, and Trak.
  • Improved routing and map readout logic.
  • Improved algorithm responsible for route mileage calculation (chainage).
  • Improved algorithm of displaying the recently traveled route.
  • Changed method of saving visited route points upon navigation device entering the sleep mode or switching off.
  • Improved logic of scoring THROUGH transit points, where a point may be included even if the transit distance is greater (depending on the size of the locality and the location of the point).

Added features (version 5.2):

  • Delineators, i.e. kilometre posts on roads (important for CB radio users).
  • 3D buildings in the largest European cities.
  • The GPS position is read out less than every second.
  • Toll charges in Slovenia.

Changes (version 5.2):

  • Greater data compression and faster map readout.
  • Screen display time reduced by 20-30% (subject to hardware).
  • The navigation panel displays the street number, preceded by the road number and the kilometre post.
  • Enhanced navigation logic and route mapping.
  • Enhanced route recalculation when an alternative route is selected.
  • Compatible with the latest navigation device models, including Samsung, Aristo and NavRoad.

Added (version 5.1.1):

  • Now available in Czech and Slovak (messages, voices, keyboards).
  • Direct choice of the type of THROUGH point at the menu level ("THROUGH point" or "THROUGH area").
  • "Sections to be avoided" dialogue box in the MENU->Route->Information with a list of sections which were to be avoided along the route (e.g. ferry crossing, toll road, freeway) but which had to be followed due to no other alternative.

Changes (version 5.1.1):

  • Adapted to the specific installation and operating requirements of the following devices: Clarion Map 780 and Samsung i780 with RealVGA (WM 6.1).
  • Expanded option icons: Zoom/Scroll (map) and Block section after manoeuvre.
  • The name of the "Lead to" button has been changed to "Lead to / Find".
  • Minor corrections to map rendering and navigation logic.
  • Corrections to the installation guide (repeated installation error if the wrong license number is entered during the first registration attempt).
  • Correction of map errors, including elimination of blank sections in the following streets: Powstańców Śląskich in Wrocław, Drewnowska in Łódź, Warszawska in Kalisz, Krucica in Szadek, Główna in Tarnowskie Góry.

Added (version 5.1.0):

  • Maps of another countries in AutoMapa Europe: Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. Except for Iceland, AutoMapa Europe offers full or at least route maps of all EU countries, prepared based on data by TeleAtlas and Geosystem Polska.
  • Support for Greek and Cyrillic layouts in on-screen keyboards and in searching.
  • Option to switch off informing about turns without crossroads.
  • A graduation on the scale slider, referring to the map width visible on the screen.
  • Possibility to install AutoMapa on a clean memory card, without the necessity to use ActiveSync connection (important for PND devices not supporting this feature).

Changes (version 5.1.0):

  • New User POI files format, reducing storage taken, improving synchronization with speeding up the POI operation from two to tenfold depending on the operation performed.
  • New architecture for searching cities, towns, streets and POIs, extending the capabilities and greatly enhancing search performance.
  • New data format with stronger compression.
  • Improvements and speeding up of the map rendering.
  • Improvements in navigation and manoeuvre algorithms.
  • Improvements in route calculation logics which increase the precision of long and return routes.
  • Corrected error of unnecessary route recalculation at the speeds exceeding 200 km/h.
  • Corrected problem of forgetting to credit the THROUGH points when restarting the application from the sleep mode.
  • Increased default auto-zoom scale at manoeuvres.
  • Corrected error of choosing interval between notifications about searching the GPS signal.
  • Numerous adjustments for new PND and smartphone devices, including Aristo, Asus, Clarion, Hi-End, JVC, ModeCom, SmartGPS, Toshiba.

Added (5.0.7 release):

  • Option of turning on/off the route progress bar in the Settings.
  • Additional colour set ("Colours for the day") without distinguishing between 3D and 3R (3D with buildings) modes.

Changes (5.0.7 release):

  • Corrected calculating algorithms for routes, intelligent THROUGH points and manoeuvres.
  • Corrected time synchronization with GPS receiver and elimination of related GPS signal losses.
  • Corrections adapting the software operation for certain devices, such as Asus p527, NavRoad, SmartGPS, Samsung i780, etc.

New features (version 5.0):

  • New user interface which is easier to use and features opaque, extendable buttons; available in two versions: with navigation panels on top or on the left side of the display.
  • User menu displayed by clicking the map or a context menu item. By default, the menu contains 6 features that can be changed or extended to max. 12 features by selecting Menu | Settings | Keys.
  • Intelligent "Through" points. If the "Through" point is set directly on zoomed-out map or by searching and selecting a city/town, the route will lead through that location, by-passing the city center.
  • Alternative route selection: apart from the same START, END and THROUGH points, AutoMapa will attempt to use alternative roads throughout the entire route.
  • "Frog's view" for maximally zoomed-in 3D display.
  • Direct dialing of numbers stored in POI descriptions.
  • 3D maneuver arrow upon great map inclination.
  • No highways option.
  • Autoswitching to the last used display orientation.
  • New options in Menu | Settings | Keys:
    a) Fast enable / disable of POI display during navigation
    (if you leave the navigation view, POI icons will reappear).
    b) Fast enable / disable of POI alarm (navigation).
    (returns to default upon AutoMapa restart).
    c) Both hard and soft (LSD) keys can be programmed with certain features -> see User Menu.
  • Automatic addition of "Car" to favorites. This item contains the last GPS position of the car upon unplugging external power supply or AutoMapa shutdown (helping you find a parked vehicle, etc.).
  • Support of new models of navigation devices (such as Nokia 500, Samsung i780, Asus P750, HTC 3470).
  • Support of devices with Windows CE 4.2 operating system.
  • Adjustable scale for auto-zoom.
  • GPS indicator graphics can be replaces with the following bitmaps located in the Images subfolder:
      2D = car2D.bmp
      3D = car3D.bmp
  • Adjustable scale for auto-zoom.

Changes (verion 5.0):

  • Revolutionized skins system that enables the creation of resolution-independent skins.
  • Extended field of vision and different perspective for 3D view.
  • During route calculation, the "no border crossing" option recognizes and treats accordingly the borders of countries belonging to the Schengen group.
  • Corrections introduced in cooperation with MiploSync.
  • POI proximity alarm provides the distance only if it is big enough.
  • Lower usage and fragmentation of memory in calculation of complex routes.
  • Improved logic of navigational maneuvering in non-typical situations.
  • Improved navigation: in certain situations the message reminding the driver to keep to the left/right lane has been eliminated.
  • Corrections in the calculation of short cross-border routes, proms and toll highways.
  • Corrections in the ETA calculation algorithm.
  • Improved key mapping in Smartphone devices.
  • Improved support of special marks in POI search (ignoring marks such as " ; ').
  • Changes in the treatment of diacritic marks in search. On the map of Poland, such signs are not entered as "wildcards" but matched to the diacritic-free version of the searched name.
  • Improved stability of address, building and label display, and improved stability of horizontal movement in navigation mode.
  • Easier installation procedure, e.g. registration postponed until after the end of installation, reducing the need to switch the memory card in case of installation using a memory card reader.
  • Corrections in the setup application for older devices with PPC2003 and WCE 4.2.
  • Prompt requesting the confirmation of route deletion.
  • Improved support of big POI files (reorganization).
  • Improved scaling of GPS indicator to the map size.
  • Adjustable interval of GPS receiver frequency adjustment has been added to the "Expert" mode.
  • Improved support of negative altitude display.
  • Improved keyboard on the address search display.
  • Corrections in the generation of the GPS trace based on the route.
  • No blocked route warning during calculation, if the route point is set to home/work/car (last position).

Added (ver 4.1):

  • New countries on the map of Europe: Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia.
  • Option of warning about POI located solely along the route.
    Option of modifying the size of signs on the map.
  • Option of modifying the scale from which local roads are not shown on the map.
  • Travelling speed is displayed on pilot and on-board computer panels.
  • Dirt roads can be avoided by indicating the maximum number of kilometres by which the route can be extended.
  • U-turns can be avoided by indicating the maximum number of kilometres by which the route can be extended.
  • Option of activating a warning message that the driver has gone off the route.
  • Flexible warning on exceeding the safe speed limit on the given road category.
  • Battery status icon.
  • Option of changing the menu and message language without reinstalling the program.
  • Option of restoring default settings.
  • Option of deleting lists of last used addresses, POI and favourites.
  • The names of water reservoirs are displayed.
  • Extended support for telephone calls on palmphone devices, including volume control when taking the call without the need to minimise the AutoMapa window.
  • The option of launching the route "Demo" without the need to set route points first – the factory-set demo route is displayed.
    Support for additional GPS co-ordinate formats in the "Show GPS point" dialogue box.
  • Option of displaying GPS co-ordinates of an indicated point on the map from the level of the pop-up menu on the map.
  • Option of setting a beginning date for a blocked road section on the map.
  • The dialogue box with the option of changing route type is displayed when the route is too long for the selected type.
  • Option of setting the sensitivity level for ignoring deviations in GPS readout subject to the class of the GPS receiver.

Changes (ver 4.1):

  • A separate menu layout for the basic version and the advanced version.
  • The mapped route will not cross State borders if not necessary.
  • Buildings are mapped with greater accuracy.
  • Improved route mapping algorithms, in particular for optimal routes.
  • The route demo has been expanded to include cross-country routes.
  • The length of the displayed GPS trace is no longer limited.
  • Numerous corrections and extensions of navigation messages.
  • The application is now more stable and works faster on problematic navigation equipment models.
  • The keyboard system has been expanded to include Left/Right and Ctl buttons for copy/paste/cut/undo functions.
  • Greater accuracy of GPS co-ordinates (seconds added).
  • The maximum scale in which POI can still be displayed has been reduced from 2.5 to 5 km.
  • The route conversion dialogue box has been expanded to include the option of modifying basic route parameters.
  • Improved algorithm for displaying the nearest town.
  • Expanded function for quickly saving the program status.
  • Added option of saving to separate folders.
  • Expanded and improved warning messages about map points, including when the route has not been set.

Changes (4.5.3 release):

  • Corrections and improvements with respect to, among others, map visualisation and integrity of software operations.

Added (4.5.2 release):

  • The 3D view features an option to display 3D buildings (solids) in 34 biggest cities and urban areas.
  • The "Info" option in the context menu provides access to extra  tourist information included in POIs.
  • The possibility to set START and END points on one section of  the road so that a return to the start point is possible.
  • The question whether numerous STOP points are to be removed  from the previous route prior to determining the route to a new  destination.
  • The "telephone" keypad - a new keypad resembling a telephone keypad that facilitates manual operation of the software even when devices are equipped with a very small screen.
  • The option of rearrangement of route points with a copy/paste  function.
  • Large icons that facilitate manual operation of the device in the context menu.
  • New category of POIs: National Forest
  • Road use fee-toll.

Changes (4.5.2 release):

  • Sections unblocked on the map by the user are marked with a  different colour.
  • New rules of determining the blockade duration enable i.a. establishing an active blockade "until tomorrow".
  • Marking the distance already covered with a different colour.
  • Address points are displayed only when driving at low speeds and when close to START, STOP and END points. In consequence elements of the map that are irrelevant at the time are not visible and the image of the map changes more smoothly.
  • More precise filtering of errors in GPS traces on their display.
  • As soon as the second character of the name is entered and with extra delay enabling quick entering of a few characters at a time when using slower devices, the relevant names are searched and the list of names of towns, cities and streets found is automatically prompted.
  • Automatic hiding of the screen keypad when the search list is too long to fit in.
  • Much faster determination of very long routes and routes that end close to the most developed urban areas such as Paris and its suburbs.
  • Extended algorithm to find an optimal route.
  • Changes to route points setting on paid roads and ferries when the user implements changes in the settings.
  • As soon as ETA (expected time of arrival) is clicked on the pilot panel, a section of the route from a distance is displayed first and then the whole route is visible.
  • An option added following determination of the route allows for the situation where the change of the route does not change the view of the map at all.
  • Modifications with respect to the time synchronising with GPS and adjustment to Windows CE devices, subject to the operations error concerning the change of daylight saving/winter time.
  • Software adaptations so that it can be used in new models of navigation devices.
  • Improved visibility of state borders in close-ups.
  • Numerous corrections and improvements including searching of towns, cities and streets, small locations, navigation, map visualisation, large POIs files support.
  • A number of available settings with respect to minimum speed has been increased in the warning  section.

Added (4.1.1 release):

  • Voice and visual support of THROUGH points on pilot's panel (with ETA time)
  • Notifying of toll roads
  • Option of registering map from portable device (if connected to the Internet)

Changes (4.1.1 release):

  • Option "skip roads worse than" has been changed in such a way that the route point (START, THROUGH, END) is always drawn to the closest road segment on the map, irrespective of the roads to be skipped - then the route goes beyond the banned categories of roads as soon as possible
  • Changes in walk routes
  • Changes in navigation messages
  • Changes and extension of notification system concerning POIs at the route.

New functions and changes in AutoMapa 4.0:

AutoMapa version 4 is a completely new program which has been redesigned from scratch. AutoMapa 4 features many changes from the previous versions as well as new functionalities:

  • The application architecture has been redesigned to reduce the program's memory requirement and, at the same time, speed up operation and support maps with much greater data and POI (public utility points) volume for all of Europe.
  • A 3D map view is particularly useful in devices with a horizontal display screen (landscape mode).
  • Supports the full map of Europe without the need to switch and reload maps.
  • The new, optimised  graphic interface enables the user to immediately select the point of destination:
    - New menu: "Go to..."
    - New convenient screens for POI and address search
    - Option of searching POIs which are on or near the set route
    - Additional POI pop-up menu
    - Option of memorising the last selected points on the map and address points ("Last selected" option)
    - Option of memorising the last selected POI categories, cities/towns and streets to speed up the operation of POI and address search screens
    - All AM screen components are supported with hardware keys
  • Redesigned application window, Pilot and On-Board Computer panels, new information panels, independent screen systems for devices working in landscape mode which make greater use of screen size and proportions.
  • Extended compatibility with various computer and GPS receiver models.
  • New, quick algorithms for route mapping and route recalculation during navigation.
  • Extended options of parametrising the route setting process (route types: Fast, Best, Short, Off-road Cross-country and Walking).
  • The installer features a map editor with an option of selecting any fragment of the map for installation, minimising the memory requirement for system installation.
  • Expanded option of blocking (introduced in version 3) and unblocking sections on the map (opens sections which are set as closed by default).
  • Option of determining average travelling speed on various road types for improved forecasting of travelling time.
  • The point of destination can be chosen from a PocketPC's address book (list of contacts).
  • Access to a vast number of parameters controlling AutoMapa operation from the level of configuration text files (for advanced users).
  • Fully unified code and functionality of PCC and TPC (PC) versions.
  • Option of writing maps during registration to a memory card or to the device. If a map is written to a memory card, it can be moved between devices.  
  • Option of scrolling the map during navigation by touching the screen or with the use of a touch pen with automatic exit to navigation after a while without any user action.
  • Added GPS status screens.
  • The navigation device time is synchronised with GPS system time.
  • A point on the map can be accessed as a tool bar option.
  • Additional tool bar with a description of the position (road number, address in city/town) which is independent of the bar showing the name of the street where the next manoeuvre is planned.
  • Tooltips on the map describing a selected point, POI or address.
  • New POI editing screens.
  • New POI warning system which, in addition to the warning function, displays POI information on the screen.
  • Option of displaying many GPS traces at the same time.
  • Many map components are displayed transparently (preventing the mapped route or GPS trace from obstructing the road).
  • Option of deactivating sound in the main menu.
  • Option of minimising the application window in the main menu.
  • Option of revolving the screen in the main menu.
  • Expanded voice messages.
  • Warning message is played when the safe speed limit has been exceeded.
  • The system differentiates between the average driving speed and the average speed with stops on the On-Board Computer.
  • The distance travelled from the last stop on the On-Board Computer.
  • Percentage of the travelled route and the progress bar on the On-Board Computer.
  • Additional screens with information on the mapped route: statistics, list of manoeuvres (option of printing or saving to file).
  • New convenient menu for editing route points.
  • Option of switching route mapping prompt messages on/off. The route can be mapped automatically or only after the respective option has been selected.
  • The route may bypass toll road sections and ferry crossings (parametrised options).
  • Route view option after the route has been mapped (view, summary, first manoeuvre).
  • Smooth tracing which approximates map movements between GPS read-outs.
  • New option: Go to | Point on the map
  • Sound level can be controlled in the Pilot by clicking on the manoeuvre icon.
  • Message sound level can be adjusted to speed.
  • Sound level can be set independently of system level to enable other applications (telephone, media player) to use their settings.
  • Arrival time and driving time displayed simultaneously on the Pilot.
  • Option of minimal Pilot version to economise space on the screen.
  • Automatic night mode (determined by the time of day and day of year).
  • Automatic 3D and Full Screen mode in Tracking.
  • Map alignment to the north is reinstated by clicking on the compass.
  • Route mapping progress is graphically displayed.
  • Voice message communicates the time remaining to point of destination.
  • Time-controlled messages "to keep the driver awake behind the wheel".
  • The text part of the GPS trace is placed in a separate file with editing option.
  • The arrows of the upcoming manoeuvres are displayed on the map.
  • Battery status icon
    ... and many more.