How to use the starter of AutoMapa for Android

  • You can download the starter free of charge from or from Google Play.
  • Regardless of the file download source, the starter will work on a given device only once. It will allow to use all the program functionalities for 7 days.
  • The starter downloaded from Google Play allows to use the system of automatic notifications about new program version, as well as its automatic update with standard Google Play mechanisms.
  • If you use the starter available at, Google Play will not know that you have the starter, and the program will not appear on the Google Play user's account. In order to enter the mechanism of automatic updates at Google Play, you will need the starter, which will not activate the program navigation function in this case. You will have to purchase additional licence.
  • We recommend using the starter from to users who do not have access to Google Play, those who need the invoice for the licence purchases, or just prefer buying from a selected authorized AutoMapa reseller for other reasons.