AutoMapa navigation software beta testing program participation conditions

By downloading and using the Beta version of AutoMapa navigation software, the person accepting this invitation expresses his/her consent to all the below terms and conditions and states that:

  • He/she is a user holding license for AutoMapa with valid subscription
  • Has time and willingness to test the program and map Beta version
  • Obliges himself/herself to send notes from tests in a concise, clear and concrete form at the following address:
  • Realizes that Beta versions can contain serious bugs, including those which may lead to loss of data, both in Automapa and in other applications
  • Understands that in case of problems with Beta version, we might not be able to help if problems occur during program installation or use
  • Understands that Beta version is not the final product, and when expressing opinions concerning this version, he/she will each time underline that the notes concern Beta version, i.e. a test/working version, made available solely to the users who are aware of this fact, for testing purposes.
I understand and accept