Traffic menu

The Traffic menu enables the user to view system statistics by selecting the "Traffic statistics" button, and to view the system - by tapping on the "View Traffic" button. The "Traffic events" - downloads the current traffic events for the whole country.




Traffic usage statistics

Detailed information concerning the Traffic system statistics is presented here. The following data are displayed:

  • Connection last status,
  • Amount of current data to be uploaded,
  • Frequency of LiveDrive! communications,
  • Information about a given map,
  • List of data uploaded/downloaded in a given month,
  • Times of connection from the start/in a month,
  • Information about the last data upload/download/upload attempt/download attempt and the last data transmission,
  • Error messages.

The “Downl. data” function allows to manually download LiveDrive! data for a given map area (a point on the map/a GPS location) or for a calculated route. Once the data have been downloaded, a confirming message is displayed. The function only operates on the territory of Poland. In order to download data, an active Internet connection is required.

Option “Clear” – clears the window history.

Traffic events

This function enables downloading and displaying traffic events for the whole country. They are presented on the map as icons for POIs and can affect route calculation.

The downloading is performed in the Traffic Events window with the "Download" or "Get" button (a function for a hardware key is available). The downloaded events are displayed in relation to the distance from the current point on the map. They can be additionally filtered with "Show only current" and "Show only on the route" options.

List of traffic events: 


of events
of events

End of 
Other obstructions
Road works