Settings: Sounds

Sounds menu options

In this window, you can select the language and voice of messages with voice instructions. Adjust the message volume, enable/disable messages, set up the warning about exceeding speed.

Reader (language) - selects the message language.

Control volume – the program will adjust the device volume.

Note: the adjustment will only operate when the system reads out the messages.

Change with speed – sets up the volume level adjusted to the vehicle speed.

You can also use the option of automatic volume adjustment according to the vehicle speed. It is louder in the cabin when the car is driving faster. The settings on the right side of the screen should be understood as follows: up to 40 km/h the volume will remain at 50%, it will be increased linearly with the speed above 40 km/h, so that at 120 km/h it reaches the maximum of 90%. Above 120 km/h, the volume will remain at 90%.

Messages... - The menu window will be presented in one of the following articles.

Speed exceeding... - The menu window will be presented in one of the following articles.

Click sounds - clicks sound off in the program.

Messages options

Welcome - enables/disables the program welcome message.

Navigation (manoeuvres) - enables/disables navigation messages.

Sequence... - The settings in this window apply to the navigation mode (moving along the mapped route with the GPS receiver on). Specify when the subsequent messages about the upcoming manoeuvre are to be read out, however, approaching the manoeuvre does not depend strictly on the distance, but on the estimated time of passing that distance.

"1st message" will be read out at the specified time before the manoeuvre, but only if you are driving at the speed higher than the one set up in the 

"only above" option.

"2nd message" may be read out before the manoeuvre early enough in order to prepare for it (e.g. change the lane for turning). It will sound at the given number of seconds before the manoeuvre.

"3rd message"  sounds at the given number of seconds before the manoeuvre.

Signal "straight"... - "When to the manoeuvre" defines the distance to the manoeuvre, above which the program shows "straight".  "Ignoring forks" limits the messages along the route to the minimum.

Turns (without forks) - you can disable informing about turns here.

Skip turns - limits the messages "slightly left/right" along the route to the minimum.

About POI - enables/disables messages about POI.

About leaving the route - enables/disables the message which informs about leaving the route.

About turning GPS on/off - enables/disables the "searching for GPS signal" message.

About searching GPS - you can set the display frequency of the above message here.

About route after mapping - it refers to the voice information about the distance to the destination and the ETA; the message may be read out after mapping the route.

And every - the above message will be read out every given number of minutes.


Speed exceeding options

If you want to be informed about exceeding the speed you consider safe, select it on this screen and make the system warn you if the speed is exceeded. Option "After exceeding by" is the limit and multiplication of 10 km/h. The limits are the speeds for the given road categories, determined in the map (if there are no limits in the map, the speed profile on the Settings | Route | Vehicle data screen is taken into account).
The Repeat every option selects the interval between subsequent activations of the warning.