Settings: Map

Use the settings to change the map and screen appearance, and to customize it.

Map menu options

Use the options to customize the color palette of the displayed map and the way it is shown in 2D/3D mode.


Day colours – determine the map colour palette for the day mode.
Night colours – determine the map colour palette for the night mode.
Font size - sets the size of texts on the map. 
Widened roads – enables/disables widened sections of roads on the map. 
Map zoom in - change between "1x", "1.8x" and "2x" to adjust the size of the map elements to the capabilities and parameters of the screen in your device. This option may not be available for certain devices. This means that only one value is correct for a given device. 
Road outlines – enable drawing of road section edges on the map. It speeds up the program operation.
Hide roads - determines how quickly roads of less important categories disappear from the screen.
3D horizon – determines the way of displaying the horizon in 3D mode.
Inclination in 3D - determines the map view perspective angle change depending on the scale ("Auto") or set to your own value.
Automatic functions... - The menu window will be presented in one of the following articles.
Map scaling... - The menu window will be presented in one of the following articles.
Visible elements... - The menu window will be presented in one of the following articles.

Automatic functions menu

In this window, you can enable/disable the following functions used during navigation. Allows to enable/disable automatic execution of the following options:

  • switching to 3D – the map will switch to the 3D mode automatically.
  • switching to night mode - when enabled, the program will automatically (based on the GPS indication - the position, as well as the time of day and year) switch into the night mode, i.e. it will change the colour palette of the map and other screen elements into one appropriate for night navigation. Such colours will not strain the eyes nor glare on the driver when it is dark in the car.
  • rotating in driving direction - in the position showing and navigation modes, the map will rotate in the direction according to the user's position change. When disabled, the map will always be directed towards the north, and the GPS position cursor will be centered on the screen. Note: this option does not affect the map operation in the 3D mode, i.e. automatic map rotation can only be disabled in the 2D mode.
  • hardware screen rotation - activates the sensor-driven screen rotation.

Map scaling menu

On this screen, you can set the scale that will be used automatically in the following modes: city (I) in 2D/3D mode, intermediate scale (II) 2D/3D, overview scale (III) 2D/3D.

Below, you can enable/disable automatic map zooming in/out "Before the manoeuvre" and "Informing about POI" - the program will change the scale when performing a manoeuvre or approaching a POI, so that it is more clearly visible on the screen. You can also adjust the scale to which the map will be zoomed in/out.




Visible elements menu

In this window, you can enable/disable visible elements of the program interface:

  • Route progress bar,
  • Built-up area,
  • Speed limit,
  • Kilometrage,
  • Manoeuvre vertical arrows,
  • Lane assistant,
  • Street horizontal labels,
  • GPS coordinates and altitude in metres above sea level,
  • Compass,
  • Direction to a route point,
  • Traffic lights.