Settings: GPS

GPS menu options

In this window, you can select basic settings enabling the GPS operation.
GPS device... - The menu window will be presented in one of the following articles.
The Launch on start option is enabled by default.
Ignore GPS deviations - determines the deviation degree of our GPS position against the map road network, which will be ignored while still drawing the position on the section of the nearest road.
Compensate delay by - adjusts the "strength" of the position forecast.
Take into account when showing position - enables/disables the option above.

Synchronize time - adjusts the computer system time on the basis of time information in the GPS signal.

Synchronize time zone - adjusts the computer time zone based on the information in the GPS signal.

Save track automatically – enables saving the GPS track during each journey; the saved file size is limited to the value selected in the "to files of total max" option.


GPS device menu

Port and Reading speed – select the GPS port and its speed automatically for the range of COM1-9 for speeds of 4800 and 9600 bps. If your GPS works on a different COM port or with a different speed, use the manufacturer's data and enter the parameters manually.
Only open when in use and Read in separate thread – do not change the default values unless problems with the GPS connection have occurred. The program selects the default values.
Readings per second – sets up the interval between subsequent GPS port readings. The larger the frequency, the better the accuracy (it may, however, limit the performance).
Bluetooth connection - enables the BT module in the computer, if it is disabled. It also helps if there are problems restoring the BT connection with the GPS device after leaving the sleep mode.
Hide browser - on older devices with Windows Mobile, it hides the BT device selection window.