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The Route History window displays three types of routes: routes loaded from the disc, routes uploaded from Targeo, and routes mapped manually by the user. Files containing the mapped routes are saved in /Profiles/[name]/Data Files/Routes.

Loaded from disc - loads route points saved in an atm file. Select the file from the folder tree in your device.

Uploaded from Targeo - click on the button and enter a four-digit PIN code to upload the route from (only for devices with Internet access).

To upload the route using a PIN code, map the route in and select: Export > Export to AutoMapa > Generate code.

Routes mapped by the user are added to the list through a comparison of START / DESTINATION points. If a route featuring identical points is already listed (mapped manually), it will be overwritten.

 Use this button to filter the route list.


Saves route points to an atm file. The file can be saved in any location on the device.


This function is activated once the alternative route has been selected. The function allows to restore the previously selected route.


Other from START, END and VIA points, this option attempts to use alternative roads throughout the entire course of this route.

Delete detours

Deletes temporary detour roadblocks created with the "Detour" function available from the Show position pop-up menu in the navigation mode.


Recalculates the determined route; function available only after specifying the route points and refusal to calculate it. In navigation mode, it is replaced with option "Calculate from the current position".