Route menu

Route menu includes many options useful for calculating and handling the program routes. The menu is divided into two screens, selectable by pressing arrow buttons. To exit to the main window, tap X. Most menu options are only available for route calculation.
In simplified mode, the "Route" menu is composed only of key route-related options. The section below describes the full version of the menu screen.


Select Demo to show a demonstration of the calculated route. The operation is identical to the playback of the stored GPS track. After reaching the destination, the demonstration starts once again.

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The application scales the map to fit the complete route on the screen.


Reverses the order of route points to create a return route that connects the same points, but in the order reverse to the previously calculated one.


Multi-screen dialog box featuring information related to the calculated route:
Route points window includes a POI reordering option (using arrow buttons by the name of route point) and a simple optimization of THROUGH points that consists in finding the THROUGH point closest (as the crow flies) to the START point. Then the second closest point is found, etc., until all the THROUGH points have been reordered. Another function available in this window is the "Swap" the route points and the "Return the original" - it reverts to the original route settings if the user selects this option prior to accepting the changes.
NOTE: In the description of each route point, two distances from the Start point are given. The first denotes the distance considering the calculated route, the second - as the crow flies.
The General route info window informs about the length of the calculated route and the ETA. This window also displays information about the Start and End points time zones.
The Lengths and times window shows the division of the route into road types, length and driving time.
The Manoeuvres window - a list of route manoeuvres. Possibility of counting them from the START point or from the previous manoeuvre. By clicking the manoeuvre directly, the user may display it on the map or block it.
The Unwanted manoeuvres window - if the route goes via blocked sections, the program will take account of them in this window. Clicking the manoeuvre directly allows to show it on the map or unlock it.
The Route parameters window allows to change the basic route parameters.


Deletes the route points set on the map.

Route type

Option for selecting one of six route types (not all available in simplified mode). The available route types are described in the Operating instruction/Navigation/Route mapping.


Calculates a fast route. If route points have been set, it recalculates the current route in accordance with the fast route algorithm, and if no points have been set, it changes the type of route to be calculated. For more information on routes, see section "Route calculation".


Calculates the best route, i.e. the average between the fast route (where throughput is the priority) and the short one. You can change the relation between the two types in the settings.


Calculates an easy route.


Calculates a short route.


Calculates a walking route.


Calculates an off-road route.


Calculates a cross-country route.