Program start-up

Following the successful installation and registration of the program and the maps, the program is ready to use. Its start-up method depends on the type of the navigation device. On a typical PocketPC portable device, you can run the program by selecting it from the "Start" menu or directly from the start screen. If the map has not been registered, the program will display the relevant request upon start.

After the first start-up, the display will show a language selection screen for the program interface (the screen is displayed only if more languages have been installed).

AutoMapa Window – Warning

The next screen is “AutoMapa – Warning” which includes information and recommendations regarding proper safety behaviour when driving a vehicle. Once you have read the message, you can move forward, tapping the OK button in the left bottom screen corner. If you do not want the message to be displayed every time the program is run, select “Do not show this window” at the bottom of the screen. Next, the window enabling to turn on the AM'Traffic system will be displayed, followed by the welcome window.


Configuring AutoMapa Traffic

The AutoMapa Traffic system enables users to avoid traffic jams by processing real data on the anticipated driving speeds on the roads. The system relies on both statistical information (collected over longer periods of time) and online data, which are collected and sent regularly.

The basic parameters of Traffic can be configured in the configuration window displayed upon the first start-up.

By choosing the LiveDrive! (tm) option, the user activates a mechanism that avoids traffic jams by mapping routes based on online data (3G/HSDPA). The LiveDrive! (tm) option may imply additional data transmission charges quoted by the telecommunications operator.


In devices without the Internet access, SmartRoutes (tm) data can be synchronised with the use of the Amcenter application, which can be downloaded at, the "Support" - "Current release" section, and

Detailed information can be accessed by tapping the "Details" button.







Welcome screens

The display will show a welcome screen with fast access to selected program options, allowing the user to start navigation, start map browsing or specify the connection parameters of a GPS receiver.
Go to - opens a destination selection menu that allows you to immediately start navigation (upon correct configuration of GPS device).
Usually, the device is detected automatically. If that is not the case, manually configure the relevant parameters (port number and baud rate) and, for an external GPS device, make the relevant connections (applies also to Bluetooth connection). The method and the correct parameters of the connection should be described in the device's documentation.
Map – map browsing mode. This option offers the best introduction to the application, and as such is recommended for new users.
To disable the display of the welcome screen at each start-up, check the "Do not show this again" box.