Miplo.pl website and POIs

Miplo.pl is a website devoted to points of interest (POIs). The users can easily share their own POIs and download others’ POIs. There are tens of thousands of useful points. The most popular are the ones delivering information about the locations of speed cameras and traffic obstructions.

The users can also share their routes, application skins, icons or sounds used when navigating.

MiploSync application

MiploSync application, available in the program (Settings: General -> Miplo...), is used for automatic, self-acting downloading and updating of POIs. MiploSync enables the data on new speed cameras and tens of thousands other POIs to be updated both when navigating and at home.

MiploLoc service

MiploLoc enables the AutoMapa users to register their location during the journey and presenting it along with the trace “live” on Miplo website. The vehicle location is shown on the map using a car icon, which also symbolizes the direction. When viewing the data, the following information is available: date and time of measurement and driving speed (if not reserved).

For details on the website usage, as well as MiploSync and MiploLoc applications, see http://www.miplo.pl/.

Use of downloaded POIs in AutoMapa

To use a downloaded POI in navigation, you need first to load that file to the program. It is a one-off process, and any future POI updates will be loaded automatically to AutoMapa.

When you want to use the downloaded POI file for navigating, have the application load the file. It is a one-time action. Future POI updates will be automatically loaded to AutoMapa.

To load the POI file to Automapa, choose the Settings – User’s POIs in the application. In the window that appears, select File at the bottom, and then Load file. Next, point to the file with downloaded POIs.

The downloaded points will be available in the application as Users’ POIs. You will be able not only to easily choose and navigate to the selected points, but along with the download you will also receive a lot of additional POI data, like phone number, opening hours or range of rendered services.