Main menu

The main menu features the key options for operating the AutoMapa system. Some options are marked by a small rectangle on the left, which resembles a diode light. When greyed out, the rectangle indicates that the given option is not active at the moment. When the rectangle is lit blue, the given option is active.
The menu features two screens – you can move between them with the use of < and > buttons on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Press the X button to exit the menu. Other main menu options: 

Options – enables/disables the onboard computer, night mode, sounds, pilot and screen pivot.


Turn off GPS – Turn on/off GPS (in Expert mode, this menu is replaced with "GPS" option, which opens the GPS menu).


POI –  opens the POI menu with configuration of POI warnings, parameters of POI display or POI management.


Settings - opens the settings menu. Refer to the "Settings" chapter.


Opens the "Go to/Search" menu, as discussed in the "»Go to« menu and searching destinations - searching for addresses and points' section.


Opens the "Route" menu, where the user can perform operations on the mapped route, change the route type and set up roadblocks.


Simplified menu – enables/disables the simplified menu.  


Traffic - Opens the Traffic menu.


Accident - Opens the Accident menu.


Full content of help and program operating instructions, as well as information about program version and manufacturers, license agreement text, information about the loaded map, system license owner's data. Context help is available on most of the screens by clicking the   icon.

Minimize – hides the program. The application will operate in the background; to re-open the program on portable devices, select the AutoMapa shortcut on the screen or in the "Start" menu. This function can be assigned to a hardware button (refer to "Settings: General -> Buttons").

End – closes the program. This function can be assigned to a hardware button (refer to "Settings: General -> Buttons").