GPS tracks

A GPS track is information stored on the PC, obtained from the GPS antenna, which can be saved to the program when the GPS receiver is enabled. The track is saved to two files with user-defined names and the following extensions: .gps and gps.bin.

Show track

Shows the saved track as a green line on the map. The map is scaled to fit the complete track on the screen. The display can also show several tracks simultaneously.

Track playback

Shows the GPS position based on a previously saved track. The operation is similar to driving with the GPS receiver enabled, also the navigation feature is available.
During track playback, the top of the screen shows keys that speed down, stop or speed up track playback. The number to the right of the keys shows the playback speed as a multiple of the driving speed.

Enable track storage

After you provide the file name and location, the information from the GPS receiver will be saved. This is symbolized by a red square in the bottom left corner of the screen .

Hide track(s)

Hide track(s) displayed on the map.

Save route as a track

Converts the route calculated on the map and saves it as a GPS track. The resulting file may be used as a standard GPS track from live recording.
Using the "Convert track" button, the user can convert the route to the KML format, so that the GPS track can be viewed with Google Earth.

Convert track

By default, the route track is saved in ".gps" format. Software enables conversion of the route track from ".gps" to ".kml" format. KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language, it is the language for saving geographical data, thanks to which the route track saved by the software can be read by travel route visualisation applications, like Google Earth.

Click the "Convert track" button to open the route track format converter screen.

The "GPS track details" option, when selected, allows storing all data related to the route track in the ".kml" format - it is checked by default.

To convert the track format, first select the ".gps" file in the device memory: click the "GPS track (.gps)" field and select the target location for the ".kml" track file. By default, for the ".kml" file, the ".gps" location and file name will be selected. Click the "Google Earth track (.kml)" field to change the location and the file name.

Start the conversion by clicking the "Convert" button. You can stop the process at any time by clicking the "Stop" button.