Context menu

The context menu may cover several pages and the user can move between the pages with the use of arrows located at the bottom of the screen. Its content varies subject to the context, i.e. the type of object for which the context menu opens.
The first page contains route mapping options. The user can activate navigation to a given point and map the route between the user's present GPS position and the selected point ("Go to" option) or can define a given location as one of the route points (start point – "START", end point – "FINISH", or a route point – "STOP”).
If the "Go to" option is selected when the GPS receiver is off, the GPS receiver will be activated and it will make an attempt to determine the user's present position.



Context menu 2

The second page of the context menu enables the user to define a selected location as Home, Work or POI. For detailed information, refer to the "Map points" chapter.
The "Show co-ordinates" option will display in detail the GPS co-ordinates of the selected point on the map, and the "Centre on screen" option places the selected point in the centre of the screen.
Measurements - enables the interface for counting length and area of the selected territory.
Insert - inserts route points/PU or POI in the place selected on the map.


Context menu 3

If a road section is selected on the map, the "Block section" option will ban traffic along that route, and that section will be avoided when the route is mapped. If the section was already blocked, it can be unblocked.

Similarly to the section blocking procedure, select the "Block area" option from the context menu. The system will go into map display mode. By marking a rectangular area on the map, the user chooses the blocked area where all sections will be blocked (in line with the principle of blocking sections from junction to junction). A blocked area may be unblocked by choosing the "Unblock area" option from the context menu.

For more information, refer to the "Road blocks" chapter.

Context menu 4

If a favourite point or a POI defined by the user is selected,new options will appear in the context menu. Using themthe user can edit the point name, description, move the point on the map, delete or copy it with the use of "Copy/Cut/Delete/Paste" options.