Accident menu

The "Accident" function enables fast access to emergency information.

An emergency text message can be forwarded to the ICE number by tapping on the "SMS for help" button. The driver's current position can be determined directly by tapping on the "Where am I" button, list of contact phones to the most popular insurance companies - "Reporting damages". By selecting the "Driver's must-have" option, developed in shared effort with Gazeta Wyborcza, the driver will have access to first aid instructions, procedures to be observed in a road emergency, a list of traffic fines, the rights and obligations of the driver and the police officer.

Driver's must-have


Driver's must-have is a set of information concerning:

  • delivering first aid,
  • information about actions to be taken in case of an accident or crash,
  • table of fines, 
  • table of penalty points for traffic regulations violations, 
  • driver's and police officer's rights and duties,
  • current list of traffic signs.

Each section above has the table of contents. It can be extended and one can navigate between the sections.  

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SMS for help

The function is only active in devices equipped with the GSM module. When selected, an emergency message is automatically sent to the ICE number saved in the contacts. If the number is not found, AutoMapa will ask to enter it manually or select one from the contact list.

Sample message content:

AutoMapa user: John Doe is asking you for help.
Current position unknown (GPS off).
GPS position at 09.23 a.m. is:
N 52°19'53.32" E 20°56'04.09"
Address: Odkryta 29B (distance 30 m)
Białołęka, PL

Where am I

The function allows to quickly determine the current position on the map.






Go for help

The "Go for help" function provides the driver with fast access to information about the nearest hospitals, doctor's offices, police stations and pharmacies. The system will map a walking or a driving route to the requested location.

When a given emergency service button is tapped, software will display a list of outlets closest to the driver's current location.

When the driver taps on a given emergency service button, software will automatically map the route from the driver's current location to the requested service outlet.

By tapping on the "Back" and "Forward" buttons, the driver can scroll to other screens containing a list of the nearest emergency service outlets.

Report a loss

Here one will find the list of insurance companies along with current contact phone numbers.