AutoMapa for Windows — current version

Software updates are accessible to the legitimate, registered software users with a valid subscription. To access the files listed below you must provide a licence number.

To obtain the latest update (for the first time) you have to register before your current subscription expires.
Please keep the downloaded files in a safe place in case a reinstallation is needed in the future. If the subscription expires it may not be possible to download the files again.

AutoMapa Europe requires a licence for the map of Europe. It can be purchased separately or as an upgrade to an existing licence for the Polska XL map.

Product Program version Map edition Required subscr.
AutoMapa Windows PL
6.24 1806 2018-06-19 363 MB
AutoMapa Windows EU
6.24 1806 2018-06-19 3.50 GB
AM'Center 843 KB

See hardware requirements for version 6.24 for Windows.

AutoMapa Europe uses the exact same map of Poland as the one used in AutoMapa Polska. Owners of the AutoMapa Europe licence do not have to download an additional installer for maps of Poland.

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Maps 1806 feature:

  • Over 720 thousand km of various roads of all categories
  • Almost 8 million address points assigned to individual buildings
  • Major update of chainage markers on express roads, ring roads and new road sections
  • Updated routing of the DW 869 road by the Rzeszów Airport in Jasionka
  • Gdańsk — renovated Podwale Przedmiejskie: new tunnel road with railway under the new Forum Gdańsk shopping centre. Updated routing of the reconstructed 3 Maja street and added transfer hub on the Armia Krajowa flyovers.
  • Roads ready to unlock in AutoMapa at the moment of their opening:
    • S7 route: Koszwały–Kazimierzowo,
    • II and III stage of the Płock ring road,
    • III stage of the Kołobrzeg ring road,
    • II stage of the Skawina ring road,
    • the Wicko ring road (including Charbrowo and Białogarda) on the DW 214 road, Łeba–Białogarda section,
    • Barlinek–City Centre Ring Road,
    • the Myszków ring road on the DW 791 road,
    • the Oleszyce and Cieszanów ring road on the 865 road,
    • the Babice and Wygiełzów ring road on the 780 road,
    • Niepodległości avenue in Białystok,
    • Elbląg: flyover on Zatorze, on the Lotnicza street.

AutoMapa Windows 6.24:

  • Program stability improvement,
  • Improved quality of route calculation,
  • Fixed problem with POI editing,
  • A change to the search function within a town without giving a street name. After selecting: “show town addresses” the numeration appears
  • Bug fixes and adjustments for devices:
    • BLOW 50V II, BLOW 730 Sirocco,
    • Prestigio GeoVision 5066, Prestigio GeoVision 5067, Prestigio GeoVision 5068, Prestigio GeoVision 5069
    • NavRoad X5
    • DURABOOK R11