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As of today a new Internet map of Poland is available to the public. service operates based on digital maps of AutoMapa satellite navigation leader on the Polish market. Internet users, using search engine available on the webpage may find any address and precisely navigate using virtual plans of Polish cities and towns.Targeo maps may also be integrated in the company's own websites, the option has been used by Bank Pekao S.A., Leader Price supermarket chain and X- Press Couriers courier services company. Internet service is addressed at both private and corporate clients. It was developed based on most detailed digital maps of AutoMapa due to which it includes lots of unique information unavailable in other maps. In order to maintain highest degree of realism possible, service authors copied not only the exact streets routes along with directions and traffic ban signs but also railways, water bodies, rivers and green areas as well as outlines of respective buildings.

Apart from the option of map search, Internet users may also use a special search engine to find addresses and house numbers. Compared to other map services Tageo map enables finding exact location of the building even when the address includes combined numbers of houses or when the street name entered contains an error. Search form includes a useful prompt function - when we enter a city of town name, it provides a list of choice as soon as we type just the beginning of the word. Upon selecting a chosen city or town the function automatically gives us a prompt with street names.

Useful solution is an option of simple placing an access map on one's own website. You just need to log in the service and indicate a chosen spot on the map. For full list of options go to

-Until recentlły Targeo solutions were mainly used by companies managing car fleets or mobile workers, i.e. clients from a relatively small business group. Now we have decided to make most detailed maps of Poland available to all Internet users. That is why we developed a universal interactive map which may be easily integrated into existing www websites. In the nearest future we plan to extend Targeo by several dozens of POIs, travel planning function as well as provide access to a special Targeo version for mobile phones- says Rafał Mikołajczak, Indigo President of the Board.

Corporate clients may now integrate Targeo map application into their own Internet service, thus acquiring access to visualisation of their objects on the map. The innovative tool has already been used by several dozens of companies in whole Poland, including Pekao S.A. and BPH banks that offer search enginge for their ATMs at the following address , map features companies from its calaogue and service enables checking hotels location. X-Press Couriers courier services company due to innovative map application displays online routes of their couriers and the current information on the advancement of order implementation. This successful Targo Mobile platform implementation has been awarded the prestigious Innovation of the Year 2006 award conferred by the American Chamber of Commerce.

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