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AutoMapa for Windows 6.13 is now available!


New route planning algorithms, LiveDrive! system enhancements, and improvements to the route planing engine for trucks. AutoMapa for Windows 6.13 is now available!

For the 4th time this year the users of AutoMapa for Windows can celebrate an update for the most recognized, best-selling and most award-winning navigation solution in Poland. The latest version — AutoMapa for Windows 6.13 — as always brings a wealth of changes and improvements for both the casual and expert users.

In the latest update to AutoMapa for Windows 6.13 more effort was dedicated to managing the traffic jams and congestion. Already in 2009 AutoMapa was the first GPS solution in Poland — and among first in the world — that introduced a route planing system based on the current traffic situation. The traffic information was obtained via the innovative IP Traffic technology, which could handle over a thousand times more data than the legacy systems using the TMC technology. That way all the information about traffic jams, road repairs, traffic direction changes and access to new roads was fed to AutoMapa via the Internet. Thanks to ample experience we have gained over the years and with the more precise route planning systems, the corrections engine taking into account on-route manoeuvres and enhanced intelligence on the traffic direction changes via LiveDrive! this latest update gives drivers an even more efficient tool for handling any and all surprises on the road.

By now the AutoMapa users have grown accustomed to the fact that some road sections may be temporarily closed or open and the traffic directions changed due to the updates from LiveDrive!. The tools used to implement traffic changes applicable for a few days or even hours, used at AutoMapa for the past few years, have been reinvented to more accurately show the current situation on the road. The latest update brings these upgraded algorithms to help drivers adapt even more efficiently to the changes in traffic.

For years now AutoMapa has been used by transport professionals as an invaluable navigation tool. The extensive map data base helps planning the routes for even the heaviest trucks across Poland and Europe alike. To that end, yet another time this year, AutoMapa brings several updates necessary to plot the best routes for TIR trucks. These routes are now more efficient and are compiled faster. What's important is that the new algorithms help plan an optimal path for the topographically complex and highly urbanized areas (for example Moscow or Paris). 

The changes to AutoMapa have also been implemented in the portal. This way the update process for the traffic data used by the AutoMapa and Targeo Traffic solutions is now faster and more efficient. As always, the users can visit to check the current traffic intensity and conveniently calculate the routes that can be transmitted directly to AutoMapa.

“- We have further improved AutoMapa for Windows to satisfy the needs of transportation professionals using AutoMapa for work, as well as driving enthusiasts who appreciate the benefits of advanced GPS solutions. All the changes have one goal — to provide a more accurate and efficient navigation.” - , said Janusz M. Kamiński, PR & Marketing Manager at Automapa.

As usual, the update is available for free to all AutoMapa users with a valid subscription. To download the files please visit  

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